WWE 2K23: How to Create a First Blood Match Type

WWE 2K23 First Blood is one of the most infamous and violent match types in the game. Here's how to create it.

WWE 2K23 First Blood is one of the most infamous and violent match types in the game. Here's how to create it.

The First Blood match type in WWE 2K23 is an extreme-rules bout with a specific win condition: spill your opponent’s blood before they spill yours. The match type makes a return from WWE 2K22, but you won’t be able to choose it from the default options when first starting the game. If you’ve got a taste for violence, here’s what you need to know. 

How to Make a First Blood Match in WWE 2K23

First Blood is only available through custom Creations; it is not a default setting. 

Interestingly, you don’t have to turn on blood in the options menu to create a First Blood match. However, it’s suggested that you do to get the full effect of the match type since seeing crimson is the whole point of First Blood. 

To create a First Blood match in WWE 2K23, go to: 

  • Go to Creations.
  • Custom Matches.
  • Select New.
  • Select a general match type (one on one, etc.)
  • Choose Normal
  • Turn Pins or Submissions off.
  • Turn on First Blood.
  • Save.

Some basic matches won’t allow you to select First Blood. If you turn Pins and Submissions off, and the First Blood option doesn’t illuminate, you can’t select it for that basic match setting. Here’s a list of matches in which First Blood can be turned on: 

  • Normal
  • Backstage Brawl
  • Extreme Rules
  • Hell in a Cell
  • Steel Cage
  • No Holds Barred
  • Tornado Tag

It’s also important to note that these match types allow for First Blood no matter how many wrestlers are in a match with the exceptions of the Wargames and Royal Rumble options. 

How to Select a First Blood Match

First Blood can be selected in both the general Play category and in Universe Mode. 

Play Mode

  • Select Play from the Main Menu.
  • Go to Match Type.
  • Choose Custom Matches.
  • Select your custom First Blood match type (whatever you named it). 
  • Choose to proceed and choose your wrestlers. 

Universe Mode

  • Select Universe Mode from the main menu
  • Tonight’s Show
  • Edit Matches
  • Customize Match
  • Match Type
  • Custom First Blood type

And that’s how to create a First Blood match in WWE 2K23. For more survivor tips and advice for becoming the next world champ, head over to our WWE 2K23 guides hub

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