XDefiant: How to Fix ECHO 02 Error

Here are some potential workarounds for the ECHO 02 error hitting XDefiant.

Here are some potential workarounds for the ECHO 02 error hitting XDefiant.

Some players looking to load into the XDefiant closed beta are getting hit with an ECHO 02 error. Unable to play the game, they’re stuck cycling between connecting and error screens. Here’s how to fix the ECHO 02 error in XDefiant.

What is ECHO 02 Error?

The ECHO 02 error, along with the other ECHO errors, is a connectivity issue. The full message reads, “XDefiant services are not available at this time. Please try again later.”

If you are unable to connect to the server because of the ECHO error, you’re stuck waiting until the servers are available. ECHO errors have been cropping up since XDefiant started closed playtests and are a known issue that is currently under investigation y the development team.  

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Is There a Fix for ECHO 02 Error?

Since the ECHO error is a server-related issue, there are only a couple of things that could work as a potential fix the ECHO 02 error. 

  • Restart your device: This is recommended by Ubisoft Support’s official Twitter account.
  • Try a different account: Changing accounts can sometimes bypass the ECHO error and get you in game.
  • Check the server status: This error can come up if the servers are down for maintenance. You can check the status via the XDefiant Twitter account or the Ubisoft Support account.

Aside from the above-mentioned workarounds, there is no known fix for the ECHO 02 error. Unfortunately, some may have to wait and try again later as Ubisoft works on a resolution. For more XDefiant help, check out our growing guides library.

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