XDefiant: How to Fix Stuck on Loading Screen

If you're stuck on the loading screen, here's what to do to get in game.

Ubisoft’s free to play FPS arena game XDefiant has been working out a variety of bugs during its closed beta and open sessions. One of these issues is getting stuck on the loading screen or never loading into the game. This can be frustrating for anyone looking forward to XDefiant wanting to try it out before purchasing the full game. Here’s how to fix the stuck loading screen and get to shoot your opponents.

What is the XDefiant Stuck on Loading Screen bug?

Essentially, some players are getting stuck on the loading screen with XDefiant never loading you into the game, no matter how long you wait. You’re unable to do anything else except close out of the game. This issue has been plaguing the FPS game since its first tests, with players complaining about not being able to actually test out features of the game.

Is there a fix for being stuck on the loading screen?

There’s no official word on a incoming patch from Ubisoft concerning this issue. There are a few things, however, that you can try to get you into the game.

  • Restart XDefiant: The first solution in the IT world is to restart whatever is broken to see if it’ll magically fix itself. This is the simplest fix, but also means you could restart the game repeatedly throughout your playtime.
  • Verify game files: If a file is corrupted or missing it’ll cause loading issues, verify the files to ensure nothing is wrong with them.
  • Update game and drivers: Ensure the game is up to date, as well as any drivers. Running old versions could cause an issue.
  • Reinstall XDefiant: If you’re still struggling with being stuck on the loading screen after having updated and verified the files, a full reinstall may be needed.
  • Run game as admin: Playing the game as an administrator can possibly push you through any loading issues.
  • Submit a support ticket: If all else fails, check out the XDefiant Known Issues board and submit an official ticket for the team to track and look into.

Hopefully some of these fixes will get you sniping enemies in no time until Ubisoft releases an official patch for the issue. For more help, including other error and bug fixes, check out our XDefiant guide library.

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