Yakuza 7 pre orders are open. Here's every Yakuza 7 edition and what you get with each.

Yakuza 7 Pre Order Guide: Every Edition and Where to Buy Them

Yakuza 7 pre orders are open. Here's every Yakuza 7 edition and what you get with each.

Yakuza 7, or Yakuza: Like a Dragon if you want to be all official, will launch on current-gen systems and the Xbox Series family of next-gen systems on November 10. The PS5 version won’t release until March 2, 2021. However, Sega has already opened Yakuza 7 pre orders and announced several different editions and pre order bonuses.

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We’ve rounded up all the Yakuza 7 editions and where to buy them in our Yakuza 7 pre order guide so you don’t have to do any of the work.

Yakuza 7 Pre Order Guide

Yakuza 7 has three different versions: Day Ichi (One) Edition, Hero Edition, and Legendary Hero Edition. All Yakuza 7 pre orders come with a special bonus costume pack with eight costumes from the series’ history, including fan favorites Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima.

Yakuza 7‘s release schedule is a bit different from most games. It’s set for a November launch on current-gen consoles and PC. The Xbox Series X version releases sometime later, as a day one launch for XSX. And the PlayStation 5 version has a nebulous “later” release timeframe.

At the time of writing, PS5 and XSX pre-orders aren’t open yet, but we’ll update this guide when that changes.

Should you buy Yakuza 7 for Xbox One, you’ll have access to Smart Delivery for it if you want to upgrade to the Xbox Series X version later. Sega is also working on a similar feature for PlayStation 5 upgrades, though details are rather thin on that right now.

Yakuza 7 Day Ichi Edition

Yakuza 7 Day Ichi Edition is the base game and costs $59.99. Physical versions include a special steelbook, and all pre orders include a bonus costume pack.



Xbox One

PlayStation 4

Yakuza 7 Hero Edition

The Yakuza 7 Hero Edition includes the base game and costume pack, alongside new employees for the returning Management Mode mini-game. It also comes with Yakuza 7‘s job DLC, unlocking two new job classes for battle: Devil Rocker and Matriarch.

The Hero Edition costs $69.99, and it’s digital-only.

Yakuza 7 Legendary Hero Edition

The Yakuza 7 Legendary Hero Edition comes with everything from the Hero Edition (costumes, job DLC, and Management bonuses) and includes an extra crafting set, a karaoke set, a stat boost item set, and the ultimate costume set. The Legendary Hero Edition will set you back $89.99 and, like the Hero Edition, it’s digital-only.

That’s it for our Yakuza 7 pre order guide. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Yakuza 7 news in the coming weeks.

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