Become a Part-Time Hero and find all the Kappa statue locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon's Ijincho!

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Kappa Statue Locations Guide

Become a Part-Time Hero and find all the Kappa statue locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon's Ijincho!

There are 10 Kappa statues in Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s idyllic landscape of Ijincho. Snapping a photo of all 10 will complete the Part-Time Hero mission and award you with 2 million yen, and although they’re hard to find, you’ll spot the Kappa statues if you know where to look.

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If you haven’t finished the Geomijul area in Chapter 7, one or more of these locations will be off-limits to you. With that in mind, here’s where to find all the Kappa statues in Yakuza: Like A Dragon! 

As a sidebar, we highly recommend that you do not search for these Kappas at night like we did. It’ll make your life a whole lot easier if you search for them during the day. Keep in mind, the photos will not count unless you get the “take picture” prompt in camera mode (as is shown in our screenshots here).

Sometimes you’ll have to zoom in or reposition yourself so that you actually get the prompt to appear. Just taking a photo where the Kappa is visible isn’t always enough!

Batting Center Kappa Location

This is one of the easier Kappa statues to find. This one is nestled in the northwest corner of the map, right behind the batting center.

Chinatown Kappa Location

The Chinatown Kappa statue can be fairly easy to miss. Position yourself just south of the “Chinatown” label on the map, and look northwest. There should be a little cranny in-between buildings where you can snap a photo of the next Kappa.

Hero’s Harvest Kappa Location

This is probably the hardest Kappa statue to miss, but that’s assuming you’ve visited Hero’s Harvest in northeast Hamakita Park. This statue is right behind the counter.

Koreatown Kappa Location

Remember that stairwell you went up in Chapter 7 to infiltrate the Geomijul? After that point, you can climb it again to find this well-hidden kappa. Climb up the stairs and look across the street. Again, we highly recommend you try and locate this one during the day. It’s really hard to locate at night.

Love Magic Alley Kappa Location

This is another one that’s especially hard to locate at night. To the east of Love magic, there’s an alley that widens out. Head slightly south of the northeast corner and look up at the stairs to the east past the fence. If you’re all the way to the north, a panel will block your view and you won’t be able to see the Kappa.

Restaurant Row Kappa Location

This is another Kappa that’s story-locked until you access the interior of Restaurant Row for the first time. Head up the stairs that lead to the interior once more, and look up and to the east, above an awning and an AC unit.

River Kappa Location

This is probably the easiest Kappa to find. It’s right by Can Quest, visible at the southwestern-most bank of the river that separates the Commercial District from the Bar District. 

Station Elevator Kappa Location

Just to the west of the Jinnai Station label on your map, there’s a station elevator. Travel to the western side of it and bring up your camera to take a photo of the Kappa statue within.

Note that, at least in our experience, we had to really finesse our positioning to get the “take picture” prompt to appear, so if things aren’t working for you, try shifting camera angles up or down, zooming in or out, or just simply moving around more.

Sunrise Street Kappa Location

Travel to the southern end of Sunrise Street, and position yourself just south of the Part-Time Hero employee. Look east through the glass doors, and there should be a Kappa statue staring back at you!

Survive Bar (2F) Kappa Location

The final Kappa is frustratingly easy-to-miss if only because you’ll have likely been to Bar Survive dozens of times and completely not noticed it. Head to the top floor, near where Ichiban’s bedroll is. Look to the southeast, and you’ll notice that a sliding door is opened, revealing a Kappa statue resting soundly atop a pile of mattresses.

That’s all 10 Kappa statues in Yakuza: Like a Dragon! Hustle on over to your nearest Part-Time Hero representative and cash in the request for a cool 2 million yen, as well as a few other helpful items. For more on Yakuza: Like a Dragon, head over to our game hub

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