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Yinlin Ascension Materials (& How to Get Them) in Wuthering Waves

Before Yinlin can put a shock to your system, you'll need all her ascension materials. Or maybe the other way around?

Yinlin is the next limited event character coming to Wuthering Waves, and she’s been on everyone’s mind from the moment we first saw her amazing…personality. If you do pull for her, you’ll need to know what ascension materials she uses so you can get her up to speed with the rest of your team. High heel to the forehead not included.

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All Character Ascension Materials for Yinlin in Wuthering Waves

As of 1.0, launch window character, you can farm every one of Yinlin’s ascension materials the instant you first set foot in Wuthering Waves, from world boss exploration materials to Echoes. Like all other characters, she’ll need dozens of materials to ascend past the various level gates (20, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80), specifically from three different sources. They are:


A coriolis mushroom in the world of Wuthering Waves
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You’ll find Coriolus mushrooms in the southern region of Wuthering Waves around the Great Banyan tree. Specifically, you’ll find it on the sides of large roots, in caves, and in other shaded areas. I’ve marked where you’ll find each cluster on the map, but the best bet is to simply canvas the outskirts of the Great Banyan area.

You want to stick to the outer edges of the swamp around it, and you should come across plenty of Coriolus to collect. They usually come in groups of two or three at a time. You can also buy up to 15 Coriolus per week from the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou.

You’ll need a grand total of 60 Coriolus to ascend Yinlin to the maximum.

Whisperin Core

Tacet Discord bestiary screen in Wuthering Waves
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Technically, the easiest of Yinlin’s ascension materials to collect. You can get Whisperin Cores by defeating Tacet Discord enemies, otherwise known as the mostly grey monsters with yellow crystalline cross-shaped growths somewhere on their bodies. You’ll find these guys are plentiful in the Sea of Fire in the western portion of the map, but you can find smaller TDs, and a fair few Elite-Class ones, in the overworld as well.

All told, you’ll need the following to level Yinlin to the maximum:

  • 4 LF Whisperin Core (green rarity).
  • 12 MF Whisperin Core (blue rarity).
  • 12 HF Whisperin Core (purple rarity).
  • 4 FF Whisperin Core (yellow rarity).

If you run out of the higher-rarity Cores, you can always go to the Synthesizer in Jinzhou and trade in three lower-rarity cores for a single higher-rarity one. Put another way, one yellow rarity FF Core costs 12 green rarity LF Cores, and so on.

Group Abomination Tacet Cores

The first of two boss ascension materials you’ll need to farm for Yinlin, you get the Group Abomination Tacet Cores from the Mech Abomination boss in the far southeastern portion of the map, Whining Aix’s Mire. You will need to progress the main story quest a bit to unlock the boss, but once you do, you can farm it as much as you like.

Shell Credits

Everything costs money, even in Wuthering Waves, and in total, you’ll need 170,000 Shell Credits to fully ascend Yinlin, as with every other 5-star character. You can use Simulation Challenges to get more Credits or simply play the game for a lot of hours and rack up the currency you need.

All Skill Ascension Materials for Yinlin in Wuthering Waves

Ascending a character past level gates is not their only ascension path. Improving their Skill levels is even more important, as that’s where some of their real damage comes from. Each Skill costs more and higher-rarity materials to upgrade, and you’ll be farming a story boss to get Yinlin completely maxed out.

Whisperin Cores

To level Yinlin’s Skills, you’ll need:

  • 25 LF Whisperin Core (green rarity).
  • 28 MF Whisperin Core (blue rarity).
  • 40 HF Whisperin Core (purple rarity).
  • 57 FF Whisperin Core (yellow rarity).

Did I just write 57 yellow rarity items? Yes. Happy grinding.

Helix Items

Or Helices, if you like. You can only get the different types of Helix upgrade material from Forgery Challenges, specifically the one in the Misty Forest near the Great Banyan of the Dim Forest. Depending on your current SOL3 Phase (world level), you’ll get more or less of these per completion, but it does cost 40 Waveplates per use to collect the Helix mats you need. To get all of Yinlin’s Skills to the maximum, you’ll need the following:

  • 25 Lento Helix (green rarity).
  • 28 Adagio Helix (blue rarity).
  • 55 Andante Helix (purple rarity).
  • 67 Presto Helix (yellow rarity).

Bigger numbers, more grinding. Good times!

Dreamless Feather

If you haven’t completed the starting main story quest in Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to if you want to fully ascend Yinlin’s Skills. Dreamless is the story boss that only becomes available at the end of the 1.0 story. She only grants one or two Dreamless Feathers when defeated, so you’ll be fighting her a lot. And with each Feather costing 60 Waveplates to collect? Lots of grinding ahead. Good thing the Dreamless Echo is top tier for both Havoc Rover and Danjin, the DPS team de jour in 1.0.

All told you’ll need 26 Dreamless Feathers to ascend all of Yinlin’s Skills to their maximum.

Shell Credits

If you thought ascending characters was expensive, wait for this: to get all of Yinlin’s Skills to level 10 and/or fully unlocked, you’ll need to spend a whopping 2,030,000 Shell Credits. If that sounds like a lot, it is, though I’ve been able to acquire a little over one million with steady play and tons of character, weapon, and Echo leveling. And no one expects you to get to level 90 Yinlin in one day. Right?

Anyway, those are all the ascension materials you need to get Yinlin as powerful as possible, as well as the best places to find them. For more on Wuthering Waves characters and other topics, check out our guides hub, including a piece on the Depths of Illusive Realm.

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