Check this guide out for all the info on the Springdale Sports Club in Yo-Kai Watch 2!

Yo-Kai Watch 2: How to Unlock Springdale Sports Club

Check this guide out for all the info on the Springdale Sports Club in Yo-Kai Watch 2!

The Springdale Sports Club is important in Yo-Kai Watch 2, especially if you want to play competitively online. It takes a bit to unlock, including waiting for days in real life, but it is worth it.

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I’m going to explain how to unlock it, as well as everything you need to know about this feature.

This guide will go over everything about the Springdale Sports Club in Yo-Kai Watch 2 including:

  • How to Unlock the Springdale Sports Club – where it is and what you need to unlock it.
  • Springdale Sports Club Info and Tips – What you do here and tips on getting the most out of it.

How to Unlock the Springdale Sports Club

First, you must reveal the Baffle Board at the Construction site in downtown Springdale.

  • This is located in the Business district, to the left of the Burger Shop and north of the Office.
  • The answer to the board is Mochismo, which you can find on the 2nd floor of Springdale Elementary at night.
    • If you have not done a Baffle Board before, it is simple. Use your Yo-Kai watch to reveal the board, then type in the name of the Yo-Kai that fits the description.
    • After you get it right, a circle comes up that you can place the Yo-Kai in if you have it.

Once you place Mochismo there, the workers will speed up construction. Now, all you have to do is wait 3 real time days. Do not try to change the clock because this will not work and only make you wait longer.

Springdale Sports Club Info and Tips

The main use of the sports club is to increase your Yo-Kai stats so they’re higher than normal. Before going over that, let me explain GP and how to get it, since you need it to raise stats.

Before you do any battles, get a Sgt. Burly and go to the 2nd floor of the sports club.

yo-kai watch 2 springdale sports club

Getting Sgt. Burly takes a bit of time as well.

  • You must climb the flagpole in front of Springdale Elementary every day until you reach the top. This is real time, not game time.
  • When you reach the top, you will get a message and see him on the roof of the school.
  • Now, just head to the roof to fight him and befriend him.
  • You can only do this once a day, so save before fighting him and keep resetting until you befriend him.
Gym Battles

When you unlock the sports club, you will find a Miropo and a save spot inside. Talk to the girl at the desk to start training. Select Battle for GP to see the list of options.

yo-kai watch 2 springdale sports club

  • Knockout Bouts – This is a chain of battles that give you GP for each win. Complete the whole thing for bonus GP.
    • This has 2 modes, Official and Casual. Official uses the online competitive rules and casual does not.
  • Mission Battle – These are battles with special conditions, such as win with all E-Rank Yo-Kai, or win without being able to use Soultimates.
  • Boss Rush – These are a series of fights against bosses.
    • You unlock the first one by completing chapter 8.
    • You will unlock more as you defeat bosses in the Infinite Inferno and Divine Paradise.
Raising Stats

When you get enough GP, you can talk to the girl at the front desk and select, “Yo-formance boost with GP”.

  • You can raise the stats of a Yo-Kai 5 times.
  • Each time you raise a stat, it will lower another stat.
    • Boosting will raise the chosen stat by 5 and lower the other stat by 2.

Below is a list of each stat and what will lower.

  • STR – Lowers DEF
  • SPR – Lowers SPD
  • DEF – Lowers SPD
  • SPD – Lowers DEF

It costs 100 GP for the 1st stat, then it increases by 50 each time. The total cost for maxing a Yo-Kai’s training is 1,000 GP. You can also reset at anytime for 300 GP, so no need to worry too much about messing up.

I suggest doing the the intro Bronze Knockout Bouts at first because it is a good starting GP boost and unlock silver for more rewards.

Boss Rush is good if you ever need quick GP because even though it is lower, you can do it much faster.

That’s all for my guide on the Springdale Sports Club in Yo-Kai Watch 2. Let me know if you have any questions!

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