Check this guide for everything you need to know about Soulcery in Yo-Kai Watch 2!

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Soulcery Guide

Check this guide for everything you need to know about Soulcery in Yo-Kai Watch 2!

Yo-Kai Watch 2 added a new system to power up your Yo-Kai called Soulcery. You can turn Yo-Kai into souls, which are items you can equip. You can also fuse them to make them more powerful, as well as discover a completely different soul.

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I’m going to go over how to do this, what are some things you can get, and more. This is also very helpful if you want to get into competitive Yo-Kai battling. 

This guide will go over everything about Soulcery in Yo-Kai Watch 2 including:

  • Soulcery Basics – How Soulcery works and where you can do it.
  • Special Fusion Souls – Special Souls you get only by fusing.

Soulcery Basics

To unlock Soulcery, you must play until you reach Harrisville, which is a few hours into the game, depending on how fast you go through the main story.

There is a temple called Temple of Virtue on the western side of Harrisville. The NPC, Grand Monk, will tell you about Soulcery, then you can do it for yourself.

The method is simple: Take a Yo-Kai you do not want to use, and turn it into a soul. This makes the Yo-Kai into an equip item and it will no longer be usable in battle.

Some souls give things like stats while others give special effects, like increasing the chance Yo-Kai will befriend you.


You can power up your souls by fusing them.

yo-kai watch 2 soulcery fusion

  • Pick the soul you want to power up as your first soul, then pick another to fuse into it.
  • This gets rid of the 2nd soul, and puts experience in the 1st.
  • You will see a bar start to fill. When it fills completely, the soul levels up and becomes stronger.

Some souls will fuse together to make a completely new soul. You will get a warning if this happens, in case you don’t want the new soul.

Each soul is the same type of the Yo-Kai it came from, like Tough from Goldenyan. You will get bonus experience if you fuse souls of the same type.

Special Fusion Souls

Below is a list of all the special souls you get only by fusing 2 specific souls together.

Some of the names are translated and may not be the exact names in the localized version, but the Yo-Kai required and the effect are exactly the same.

Elements and Techniques
  • Flamurice and Blazion – Fire Soul
    • Changes Normal attacks to Fire attacks
  • Mistank and Mr. Sandmeh – Earth Soul
    • Changes Normal attacks to Earth attacks
  • Chummer and Appak – Water Soul
    • Changes Normal attacks to Water attacks
  • Komiger and Frazzel – Lightning Soul
    • Changes Normal attacks to Lightning attacks
  • Pupsicle and Draaagin – Ice Soul
    • Changes Normal attacks to Ice attacks
  • Blandon and Abodabat – Wind Soul
    • Changes Normal attacks to Wind attacks
  • Tengu and Smogmella – Storm Soul
    • Changes your technique to Storm
  • Alhail and Blizzaria – Blizzard Soul
    • Changes your Technique to Blizzard
  • Drizzle and Faux Kappa – Waterfall Soul
    • Changes your Technique to Waterfall
  • Sir Berus and Eyesoar – Meteor Soul
    • Changes your Technique to Meteor
  • Tunatic and Swelterrier – Incinerate Soul
    • Changes your Technique to Incinerate
  • Statiking and Signiton – Voltage Soul
    • Changes your Technique to Voltage
  • Boyclops and Faysoff – Neutral Soul
    • Enemy element attacks become neutral element.
Affecting Enemies
  • N’more and Furdinand – Hades Soul
    • Reduces amount of HP recovered from Healing Techniques
  • Cupistol and Pinkipoo – Superstar Soul
    • Yo-Kai will befriend you more often
  • Allntya and Greesal – Dark Soul
    • Makes Inspiriting always succeed
  • Dimmy and Blandon – Ninja Soul
    • Makes enemies no longer target you
  • Snaggly and Whinona – Aggravated Soul
    • Makes Inspirit purification harder
  • Chymera and Nekidspeed – Speed of Light Soul
    • Gives you a 1 time preemptive strike
  • Swelton and Miropo – Smooth Oil Soul
    • More time to spin Yo-Kai wheel during battle and cancels the Spin-no-rama skill
  • Rhinormous and Beetall – Sparta Soul
    • Makes sure no allies loaf in battle
  • Dazzabel and Leadoni – Stinging Soul
    • Makes enemies target the holder
  • Scarasol and Impass – Guard Soul
    • Holder will always Guard
  • Heheheel and Croonger – Jar Guard Soul
    • Holder takes less damage when Guarding
  • Chilhuahua and Ol’ Fortune – Pierce Soul
    • Holder’s attacks pierce resistances
  • Hornaplenty and Robonyan – Guarding Soul
    • Rotating the holder into the front line causes them to Guard
  • Hurchin and Pandanoko – Wisp Soul
    • Wisps appear more often, but does not work in multiplayer battles

That’s all for my guide on Soulcery in Yo-Kai Watch 2. Let me know if you have any questions!

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