Yooka-Laylee Glitterglaze Glacier Ghost Writers & More Location Guide

Simple picture walkthrough for finding Glitterglaze Glacier's Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.

Simple picture walkthrough for finding Glitterglaze Glacier's Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.

Yooka-Laylee‘s Glitterglaze Glacier is a big change of pace from Tribalstack Tropics. There’s loads more water and the challenges you’re going to have to face are more difficult than the previous world.

Finding everything in Glitterglaze Glacier, as with any other world, takes time. And things get easier as you get more skills, so if you’re having trouble, just move onto the next world and get the skills you need before coming back and dealing with it all.

This guide covers all of the basic non-numerous collectibles in the world, including the Butterfly Booster, Mollycool, Power Extender, and Ghost Writers. Pagies and Quills — that’s on you!

World expansion is not mentioned here because you need to expand the world for the majority of these collectibles. Expanding is cheap, just do it already.


You also need the Slurp Shot skill from Trowser in order to grab this Mollycool, which you should already have.

At the side of the lake opposite the world entrance, there are a few pillars/towers. Find the way up (pictured below) to start dealing with the challenges of the towers above.

There are three primary towers up here. The one in the middle has the Mollycool, and the one furthest away has the bomb plant you need to eat to reveal it.

The least painful way to do this (if you haven’t gotten the very last free skill from Trowser near the end of the game) is to eat the bomb plant and not take any shortcuts in your short journey from one tower. It’s very easy to fall.

Blow up the rocks and you’ve got yourself this world’s Mollycool.

Butterfly Booster

This is probably the easiest Butterfly Booster to get in the game.

Once you’ve expanded the world and can glide jump, you can enter Icymetric Castle from the front. Just head inside and look to the left for a grate blowing out air.

You can glide jump over the grate to be lifted to where you can jump on the platforms extending from the grate. Go over to a spot on the other side of the room containing the Butterfly Booster.

(Note: This one may require that you complete a specific task within the castle before the vent will operate. I will be checking this very soon.)

Power Extender

This is one Power Extender you can’t grab up until you are able to spring jump.

Once you can spring jump, look for a platform behind the book at the entrance of Glitterglaze Glacier. Spring jump up; go to the next platform and then go into the door to Crystalline Cave.

Once inside Crystalline Cave, you will be met with an icy decline with two paths down.

Stick to the left (be mindful of the Mr. Blowy!) and grab the Special Move Extender on the platform.

Ghost Writers

The Yellow Ghost Writer

You need to have the Slurp State skill from Trowser In order to get this confused little guy. Once you’ve got it, jump up onto the area shown in this image (it’s right after the entrance):

Walk forward and lash your tongue at the brazier up the hill to infuse yourself with fire, and then jump up the platforms ahead of it (not to the right), then over the flaming branches to reach this Ghost Writer.

The Pink Ghost Writer

You can find this one easily — but actually getting it takes some effort.

Find the area where the signpost demands you fix the statue. In this area, there are three towers, each one with different uses. The first one you come across has this Ghost Writer, the second has the Mollycool, and the third has the bomb plant you need to feed the Ghost Writer.

In order to obtain this Ghost Writer, you need to thaw it using the fire plant at the bottom of the pillar. You have to rush to the Ghost Writer once you slurp up the plant.

Once thawed, it’s time to feed this ghost, but that’s a lot easier said than done. You have to slurp up the bomb plant on the furthest tower and rush to the Ghost Writer to feed it.

It’s not super easy to get over there! But once you do, you’ll finally have it collected. If you have too much trouble with this part, just wait until you’re near the end of the game and get your final ability to make this (and the rest of the game) much easier.

The Blue Ghost Writer

Finding this one can be a real pain if you’re not the type to check every nook and cranny. Describing how to find your way over is even a bit of a pain, so take a look at this image for an idea of where it is.

Notice the land a bit off in the distance, the area with several vents. It is also where you find good ol’ Kartos (for reference).

This one requires that you bubble yourself up underwater to be able to use your Sonar Shot on the Ghost Writer. It can be found among some underwater ruins where the circle is in the above image.

Not pictured, but this is indeed this ghost’s location.

The Green Ghost Writer

You can make your way to this ghost very easily. Simply head through the door shown in the image below.

Go toward the creek here and swim into the visible cave. The green Ghost Writer will be inside, but he’s hard to catch because he’s hanging out on some ice. Try jumping when turning to make catching this one a bit easier.

The Red Ghost Writer

You have to go the same way you went to get the yellow Ghost Writer before, but this one is in freezing temperatures, so you have to steel yourself against to survive.

Go to the brazier you absorbed fire from when you got the yellow Ghost Writer, and this time, go up the ice ramp next to it. (Note: You do not have to roll to move in this area.)

You’ll find it easily enough in this area. Be sure to keep absorbing fire as you go so you don’t die from the cold.

This guide certainly does not cover all of the secrets to be found in Glitterglaze Glacier, and exploration is part of the fun of Yooka-Laylee. That said, if you’re having trouble finding certain collectibles in other areas, you may want to take a look at my other guides for the game:

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