Yooka-Laylee Guide: How to Collect Each Type of Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writers aren't shy, but they're not going to let you collect them without putting a little work in first.

The Ghost Writers aren't shy, but they're not going to let you collect them without putting a little work in first.

Ghost Writers are the most unique collectibles in Yooka-Laylee. Not because they do all that much, but because they each have their own individual requirements to be able to grab them up.

There are two difficulties to finding the Ghost Writers. One is finding them, and the other is actually catching them. They may be scattered about the worlds, but that doesn’t mean they’re just going to come right to you. They are going to make you work to collect them all.

After going through the trouble to get all of a world’s Ghost Writers, you will be rewarded with a single Pagie. That’s a lot of work for a single Pagie, but you’ve got to get them — and sometimes you’ve got to work hard to get what you want.

This guide only covers how to catch each Ghost Writer. Their actual locations are covered in my Ghost Writer locations guide. It’s split like this to avoid spoilers, and for ease of access.

While the guide linked above has some pretty hefty spoilers, this one is 100% spoiler-free. We’re just going to go over how to catch each of these little spirits one by one.

How to Catch the Yellow Ghost Writer

This one is generally the easiest, and it certainly looks confused if not distraught.

The yellow Ghost Writer doesn’t have any special requirements to get it, but you generally have to clear some obstacles when you come across it. That’s it.

Easy, right? The obstacles might not be, though…

How to Catch the Green Ghost Writer

Is this the most infuriating of them all? It definitely seems that way. This snaky ghost just wants to play a game of tag, and you’re it.

Unfortunately getting this one doesn’t get any easier. All you can do is chase it down and try to collect it. Often jumping and gliding to do quick turns can help make it easier — but ultimately you’re still going to be chasing it down. There is no way to slow this one down, but at least it doesn’t jump around or anything like that.

How to Catch the Pink Ghost Writer

While most of the others are a little mischievous, this one really just wants something to eat. And quickly.

This Ghost Writer is often found in blocks of ice, which must be melted before you can collect it. And it has to be fed in order for you to do that.

So the question is: What does it eat? Projectiles, of course!

This hungry ghost will eat either snowballs or bombs, and luckily you’re going to find one or the other near it no matter the world you’re in. That said, you may have to rush to get from the plant to the ghost in time.

How to Catch the Blue Ghost Writer

This is another tricky one, and can be more frustrating than the green ghost if you don’t get sight of it.

The blue Ghost Writer will move around a set area, popping in and out of visibility. You have to hit it with your Sonar Shot for it to actually appear.

Sometimes you can hear this ghost’s giggles nearby, but not actually be in its actual location. Listen for its giggles and try to figure out its general location, then back up to see if it will briefly appear where you think it might be.

Once you’ve determined the area it’s in, blast it with Sonar Shots to reveal the ghost. In some worlds this can be a lot more frustrating than others.

How to Catch the Red Ghost Writer

The red Ghost Writer is probably the most confusing, and is also the most risky to try to get because it’s aggressive — but it seems to just want to play.

This ghost wants to duel, and if you hit it three times it will allow you to collect it. The trick here is to hit it at the right time.

If you stay near the ghost, it will do a brief wind up and then charge at you to attack. After it charges it will turn orange, which is your chance to tail whip it once. After you hit it three times it will give up and let you grab it.

The best strategy for dealing with this is to let it start to wind up, then run around it in a wide circle so it attacks but misses. Take this chance to turn around and hit it, then do it again two times. It’s definitely easier than it sounds.

That wraps up the five Ghost Writers and how to get them!

Some (like the yellow) just want to be freed, while others are a bit more trouble. Often the real challenge lies in finding and getting to them, rather than actually collecting them. The blue and green ones can be tough to get whenever you come across them, but that’s part of the fun.

So now you know how to get them. Now you’ve got to find them, right? If you’re having trouble finding the game’s many Ghost Writers I highly recommend you check out my guides on each world’s collectibles, including Ghost Writers.

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