Simple picture walkthrough for finding Moodymaze Marsh's Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.

Yooka-Laylee Moodymaze Marsh Ghost Writers & More Location Guide

Simple picture walkthrough for finding Moodymaze Marsh's Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.

Moodymaze Marsh is a huge pain when you first visit it because of the poisonous marsh itself and how much you have to travel over it. Once you get past the pain, it’s one of the most fun levels to figure out in Yooka-Laylee.

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Everything in this world is split by poison water you have to avoid, making grabbing all of its collectibles as irritating a task as you might expect. Traversing Moodymaze Marsh gets considerably easier (and even more fun) once you get Trowser’s last free skill.

It’s hard to explain getting around this world, so this guide is going to rely more heavily on images than the previous two. Remember that Moodymaze is split up into multiple medium areas, each with their own “features” to deal with.

This guide covers Butterfly Boosters, Power Extenders, and Ghost Writers, and Mollycool locations.


You need the Lizard Lash skill to start the objective to open the area this Mollycool is located.

Once you have Lizard Lash, you can do the objective where you have to push a set of buttons in order — with those buttons being on small platforms protected by bee enemies and poisonous water beneath. In case you’re not sure where this is, look near the area with the drifting logs.

The objective can be started by grabbing the crate behind the grate with your tongue and pulling it forward onto the button.

Once you’ve completed the objective, the water becomes safe to swim in. You can find the Mollycool in a large container underwater in this area.

Butterfly Booster

If you’ve expanded the world you’ve probably already found the square-shaped lake area with a Mr. Blowy in the middle. This is your destination if you’re looking for this world’s Butterfly Booster.

You need to both be able to bubble up and Sonar ‘Splosion to get this Booster.

Head to the aforementioned area then dive into the water surrounding the small island with the Mr. Blowy. Bubble up to walk on the ground underwater and find a block of ice. Use Sonar ‘Splosion to shatter it and reveal the Butterfly Booster.

Power Extender

Out of all the Power Extenders, this one caused me the most grief. You can only get it once you are able to fly.

If you are able to fly, chances are you remember that irritating obstacle course a in which a pumpkin sets you loose for a Pagie. If you don’t remember, look for the area with the large air blower in the center surrounded by water (see the pink Ghost Writer for a screenshot)

This guy.

The Special Move Extender is most easily seen if you make your way through the course and reach the tiered area with multiple enemies. Walk to the far edge and look up to see a pipe a bit away. See the image below for what you’re looking for.

Fly up there and the Special Move Extender will be yours.

Moodymaze Marsh’s Ghost Writers

The Yellow Ghost Writer

This ghost can be found past the area with the floating logs, but not in the same “area”. While there is a clear go-to destination while jumping across the logs, you can drift a bit further to hop into a small cove where this Ghost Writer is clearly lost.

The image below shows the floating log area from the basic starting point. The standard route is directly ahead (notice the lamp far away), while the spot with the yellow Ghost Writer is circled.

The Pink Ghost Writer

You can find this one on one of the first larger areas you come across in Moodymaze Marsh. When you find your way to the square-shaped area with water in the middle and the structure pictured below, you’re in the right place.

Make your way to the island in the middle by walking over the large connecting pipe.

Once on the island, you need to eat the snowball plant and jump your way to the top of the structure. When you reach Mr. Blowy, hop up to where it’s blowing air and then wait for it to stop to jump on top of it. Then, feed the pink Ghost Writer a snowball.

The Blue Ghost Writer

This ghost can be found past the area with the floating logs. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s time you do — after all, many other goodies are lying in wait between the entrance and the floating logs.

Once you have found and made it across the logs, follow the path (terribly) drawn in the image below.

The blue Ghost Writer is in the spot with the arrow, and as always, you have to reveal it with Sonar Shot. The start of the line on the left is the entrance to this area.

The Green Ghost Writer

You can only get this Ghost Writer after you’ve finished the water purification objective mentioned above in the Mollycool section.

Once you’ve done this objective and the water is safe to swim in, dive right in and look straight ahead to see a pipe.

Head inside to the Swampy Station then turn left to find a small pool of water (seen straight ahead in the image below).

The Green Ghost Writer will be inside for you to catch.

The Red Ghost Writer

In a total twist compared to other worlds, this Ghost Writer is easy to get to and find. Crazy, right?

There are two possible ways to get to this ghost, but we’ll just cover one. Jump up the rocks to the right of the dangling crate near the level entrance.

Then cross the planks and a couple trees away, you’ll come across this Ghost Writer.

Are these all the non-primary collectibles in Moodymaze Marsh? You’ll just have to see as you push forward. For now, if you’re trying to find these types of collectibles in other worlds and like this guide’s layout, please take a look at my others for Yooka-Laylee:

And of course, some others:

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