Your Cheat Sheet for Fortnite’s Thanos Mode

The Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup has arrived in Fortnite Season 4, bringing with it Thanos mode. Whether you've downloaded the 4.1 patch or not, here's everything to know about this superhero/battle royale crossover.

The Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup has arrived in Fortnite Season 4, bringing with it Thanos mode. Whether you've downloaded the 4.1 patch or not, here's everything to know about this superhero/battle royale crossover.

The time has come. Thanos is here. 

With its latest update, Fortnite‘s crossover with Avengers: Infinity War is live — and it’s brought The Mad Titan himself to Tilted Towers and beyond. 

If you’ve yet to jump into the game since the 4.1 Patch hit the game’s servers this morning or you’re looking for specific answers to all your event questions, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

Consider this your cheat sheet. 

What Is Fortnite‘s Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup? 

Essentially, this is Fortnite‘s first foray into licensed, tie-in content. Taking advantage of the popularity that is Marvel’s latest smash-hit, the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup puts players in the boots of Thanos. And then — essentially — the mode lets them destroy everything in sight using the Infinity Gauntlet. 

You can only participate in the event as a single player. You will not be able to play in the mashup as a team or in Duos.

Matches are set to last about 15 (frenetic) minutes each, down from the typical 20-minute match time. 

During matches, the storm will also do more damage than usual: 

  • First Circle: 5% health deduction
  • Anything After: 10% health deduction
How Long Will the Event Last? 

Currently, there’s no specific end date for the event. The official notes for Patch 4.1 don’t identify a time frame. 

How Do I Get Thanos in Fortnite

To become Thanos, you first need to get the Infinity Gauntlet. You can do this in two different ways: 

  1. At the Beginning of the Match: Each Mashup match begins with a meteor carrying the Infinity Gauntlet landing somewhere in the safe zone.
  2. When Another Player Dies: If another player is carrying the Infinity Gauntlet and dies, you can pick it up to become The Mad Titan. 

It’s worthy to note that if the Infinity Gauntlet is not picked up within a certain time frame, it will disappear from the map. That includes its initial appearance, as well as any subsequent appearances from downed players or additional meteors.  

Pro Tip: According to a video floating around the interwebs, it is possible to nab the Infinity Gauntlet at the very beginning of the match if you time your fall from the Battle Bus at just the right moment — and land right on the meteor as it falls. It’s tricky, but it’s possible. 

Thanos float above the Fortnite map holding the Infinity Gauntlet in front of his face

What Powers Does Thanos Have? 

Instead of using anything from Fortnite‘s extensive catalog or weapons, this Marvel villain has a pretty devastating moveset:

  • Ability 1: A powerful, structure-destroying punch that also knocks enemies back
  • Ability 2: An AoE ground-pound maneuver where Thanos flies into the air before smashing opponents for knock-back damage
  • Ability 3: Fire a blast of energy from the Power Stone to deal DPS damage
  • Ability 4: A super vault ability that allows him to jump over the tallest structures and hurdles

Thanos doesn’t build structures, and he’s so powerful that he does not take fall damage or use the game’s typical potions or cozy campfires for regen. Instead, he has shields that regenerate from defeating other players and (huge amounts of) health from the get-go, making him a veritable tank on the battlefield. 

How Do I Get the Thanos Skin?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy or purchase the Thanos skin from the in-game store — and you can’t get it from any super special challenges or by signing up for Twitch Prime, either.

The only way to “get” the skin is to become Thanos by picking up the Infinity Gauntlet in the Limited Time Mashup. 

Is There Any Gameplay of Thanos Completely Wrecking? 

Psht. Of course, there is. Check out the links below to find some of the best footage from the best Fortnite streamers and content creators. 

Are There Other Avengers Skins in Fortnite

As of now, no, there are no other Avenger characters or skins in either Save the World or Battle Royale modes. Epic released a statement on Reddit saying that “we [Epic] have no plans for Avengers outfits in the store.”

And that’s it. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for Epic’s incredibly popular shooter, be sure to check out our other guides while you’re here. 

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