Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Get Cold Resistant Gear Fast in TotK

Here's how to get the Cold Resistant Gear fast in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Cold resistant gear is a must-have for traversing the cold areas in The Legend of Zeld: Tears of the Kingdom. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find a piece of cold resist armor early in the game on the first sky island. The Archaic Warm Greaves are easy to get but hard to find. Here’s how to get cold resistant gear fast in Tears of the Kingdom, as well as some tips about other ways to fight the game’s frigid climes.

How to Get the Cold Resistant Archaic Warm Greaves Early

The Great Sky Island is located high above Hyrule, and thus there are areas of extreme cold you’ll need to combat to access Shrines and other key areas. Although you’ll be able to purchase the full armor set with Cold Resistance ability further into the TotK story, there’s a chest on the first island that holds a free pair of Archaic Warm Greaves. Here’s where to find the gear:

  1. Follow the main story until you complete the Gutanbac Shrine during The Closed Door quest.
  2. Approach the overhang with a tree trunk located just north of the shrine.
  3. Use the Ascend ability to ascend through the overhang.
  4. Enter the hollow tree trunk and open the chest.

This chest contains Archaic Warm Greaves, your very first free piece of cold-resistant armor. It will serve you well before you can find a much better option later on.

Snowquill Armor: How to Get Other Cold Resistant Gear

Once you equip Archaic Warm Greaves, Link will feel much more comfortable, but you’d still be missing two more pieces of cold-resistant armor. Fortunately, you can purchase the full Snowquill armor later on, including:

  • Snowquill Headdress (650 Rupees)
  • Snowquill Tunic (500 Rupees)
  • Snowquill Trousers (1,000 Rupees)

All three items can be purchased from the vendor in Brazen Beak in the southwestern part of the Rito Village, which is located between the Hebra Mountains and Tabantha Frontier in the Central Hyrule region. An entire set will cost you 2,150 Rupees, but it’s definitely worth it.

Although all three pieces together will keep Link from freezing, you can upgrade the defense stat of the Snowquill armor at the Great Fairy Fountain using the following items:

  • Level I: 3 Red Chuchu Jelly
  • Level II: 5 Red Chuchu Jelly, 3 Warm Safflina
  • Level III: 8 Fire Keese Wing, 5 Sunshroom
  • Level IV: 10 Red Lizalfos Tail, 5 Ruby

Cooking Spicy Food for Cold Resistance

I also found out that you can cook and eat spicy food for natural resistance to cold. Any type of meal that contains Spicy Pepper — or any other food with the word “Spicy” in it — grants protection from cold weather. You can find Spicy Pepper while traversing the area leading up to Gutanbac Shrine, as well as in the pit caves. The more Peppers you add to a recipe (up to five by themselves), the longer your cold-resist timer will be. For example, four Spicy Peppers provide 10 minutes of cold resistance.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the Archaic Warm Greaves cold resistant gear fast in The Legend of Zeld: Tears of the Kingdom. Stay tuned for more Tears of the Kingdom tips and tricks articles right here.

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