Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Where to Find the Light Dragon in TotK

You'll need to land on the Light Dragon as part of the main quest of Tears of the Kingdom. Here's how.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Light Dragon is one of the most important monsters in the game, from both a narrative and gameplay perspective. As a Dragon, it’s also tough to find, constantly flying the skies over Hyrule seemingly without a care. Worse, it has no regional affinity. Pinning down its location is even more of a hassle. Our guide will tell you how to find the TotK Light Dragon, how to get on it, and what you get for doing so.

Where to Find the Light Dragon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You might first learn of the Light Dragon after cleansing the Great Deku Tree, as you’ll be set you on the Recovering the Hero’s Sword main quest to retrieve the Master Sword. This marks the Light Dragon’s location on the map with a quest marker. The Master Sword is embedded in the dragon’s head, and you’ll need the legendary blade to beat Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to Land on the Light Dragon in TotK

The best way to ensure you can get on the Light Dragon is to have as many Skyview Towers active as possible. Activating any of the Towers will put you well above the Dragon’s altitude.

Provided you have the stamina or Sky Islands to rest at, landing on the beast’s head is a simple matter of gliding down to it. There’s a small updraft all around the Light Dragon, so as long as you can open your Paraglider around its body, you get a free full stamina refill.

In my playthrough, the TotK Light Dragon stuck around the Eldin area around Death Mountain but flew as south as Mount Lanayru, but your mileage may vary. When you finally land on the Light Dragon, make your way to its head to pull the Master Sword from the beast.

You can also farm Fuse materials called Shards of Light Dragon’s Spike, which have 12 Fuse Attack Power. They also imbue the weapon with healing powers and are worth 30 Rupees (a princely sum as monster materials go). You can also strike the Light Dragon’s head for a single Light Dragon’s Scale, though getting more of them takes effort.

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How to Find the Light Dragon Again

The Tears of the Kingdom Light Dragon doesn’t disappear once you’ve pulled out the Master Sword. Instead, it begins wandering all of Greater Hyrule’s skies at a slightly lower altitude and can even dive into the Depths from time to time.

You can have the Sensor+ track the Dragon, but because of the sensor’s limited range, we don’t recommend it. Your best bet is to traverse the various Sky Islands until you find the Light Dragon again and repeat the process of getting back down to it.

And with that, you know how to land on the Light Dragon anywhere you like in Tears of the Kingdom, even if the process is sometimes more trouble than it might seem worth. For more help with all the content in the latest in The Legend of Zelda series, check out our guides on how to get Biggoron’s Sword, where to find Tulin and more in our TotK guides hub.

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