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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Get the Dark Link Armor Set in TotK

Here's our guide to help you find the full Dark Link Armor Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Dark Link Armor Set consists of several items that may not make Link more powerful, but they’ll certainly make him look cool and brooding. Once you track down the pieces and put them on, Link will have a very unique, shadowy appearance with red eyes. Here’s our guide to help you find the full Dark Link Armor Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Find Dark Link Armor Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

TotK Dark Link Armor Set Location

The Dark Link Armor Set can be purchased from Bargainer Statues in exchange for Poes. The more statues you interact with, the more gear pieces you can unlock and then buy. For the sake of clarity, you’ll unlock the Dark Armor items once you’ve talked to the first, third, and fifth Bargainer Statues in your playthrough.

Here’s how much each item costs:

  • Dark Tunic: 150 Poes.
  • Dark Trousers: 200 Poes.
  • Dark Hood: 300 Poes.

Each item in the Tears of the Kingdom Dark Link Armor set has +2 armor rating for a total of +6 defense if you have everything equipped. While you don’t unlock a particular perk or passive with this set, you do end up looking like an evil version of Link, complete with blood-red eyes. Which is pretty cool.

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Additionally, there are two other armor types that you can acquire via the Bargainer Statues that you come across. There’s the Depths Armor Set, which increases your Gloom Resistance, and the special Tunic of Memories.

Moreover, other unique armor sets and weapons that you find while exploring, such as the Fierce Deity Armor and Fierce Deity Sword, can be purchased, too. I personally think rebuying certain weapons from Bargainer Statues isn’t a viable idea. There are ways to repair damaged weapons or outright dupe them. As such, I don’t think you need to spend poes that often.

Bargainer Statue Locations

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For those looking to purchase the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Dark Link Armor Set, I’ve listed the locations of the Bargainer Statues in the game:

  • Lookout Landing — Almost unmissable since Lookout Landing acts as your main hub early in the game. The Bargainer Statue is right next to Josha’s work area.
  • Great Abandoned Central Mine (-0779, -1902, -0565) — Underneath the facility; you’ll have to complete a side quest known as A Call From the Depths.
  • Plains Statue (0457, -0802, -0473) — Northeast of the Great Abandoned Central Mine.
  • Cliffs Statue (-1029, 2692, -0273) — From Yisuayam Lightroot, look east and climb up the rock formation past the small enemy camp.
  • Wellspring of Power (3706, 2598, -0415) — Directly northwest of Akinatanis Lightroot.
  • Wellspring of Wisdom (3837, -1347, -0851) — From Usukaz Lightroot, head east and glide down to the ravine below. You’ll see the statue on a rock formation.
  • Wellspring of Courage (0883, -2402, -0393) — In the Construct Factory just east of the Left Leg Depot.

Now you know how to get the full TotK Dark Link Armor Set. Be sure to visit our Zelda: TotK guides hub for more tips, strategies, and walkthroughs.

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