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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Rito Village Location in TotK

Rito Village is a required stop on the way to the first dungeon in Tears of the Kingdom. Here's where you'll find it.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Rito Village is one of the first locations you hear about at the start of the game. Naturally you’ll want to give it a visit as you first step out into Hyrule, but first you need to know where Rito Village is and how you can get there.

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TotK Rito Village Location

The best way to locate Rito Village is to work towards completing the game’s biggest overarching main quest, Regional Phenomena. By selecting this quest as your objective in the menu, you will set four objective markers across the map that will lead you not directly to the dungeons, but to where the questlines that lead to them begin.

The marker in the upper left-hand corner of the map marks Rito Village. To get there you are going to need some cold resistant food, so get cooking!

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How to Get to Rito Village in Tears of the Kingdom

The most direct path to Rito Village requires crossing Tanagar Canyon. The quickest way I’ve found to get there is to start at Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower.

Activate Skyview Tower to launch yourself in the air. Navigate yourself west. Even with only two stamina upgrades, I was still able to easily cross the canyon and land on the other side in south Tabantha Hills. The Geoglyph in this area is a good marker to shoot for when you land.

You are going to need to make your way west through the cold weather. Getting on the main path through the mountains will lead you to Rito Village by way of Lucky Clover Gazette.

You’ll see that the once beautiful island village has frozen over. Use your paraglider or Zonai devices to cross on over at a point just west of the Lucky Clover. Now, just cross the bridges between the three small islands that lead to the main island of Rito Village.

And that is how we found Rito Village in Tears of the Kingdom. For more help on all aspects of the game visit our TotK guides hub.

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