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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) 10 Best Bows List Guide

Check out our picks for the best bows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

There are a lot of bows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so much so it can be hard to decide which ones are worth holding onto. Bows are a versatile weapon and are vital for long range combat and fights that go from land to the skies. With some good aim they can even stagger enemies like Lynels, and Froxes. Our guide lists out some of the coolest and best bows in TotK that come in various styles and strengths.

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Strongest Bows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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10. Forest Dweller’s Bow

Filling our tenth spot is the Forest Dweller’s Bow. Not the strongest nor the weakest of bows, this is a nice in-between. Coming in with 15 damage per shot, this bow shoots 3 arrows at a time. The range doesn’t compare to other bows however making this bow more viable for closer targets. At least the simple clean dark wood design gives a cozy feeling.

9. Gerudo Bow

Number nine is a beautiful bow that sparkles in the desert sun. The Gerudo bow is a sight to behold with a decent base damage of 25 per shot. The arrows can even fly almost as far as arrows shot by a Rito-made bow. The craftsmanship is there solidifying its place in this list and my inventory.

8. Steel Lizal Bow

At number eight among the best bows, the Steel Lizal Bow is a pretty good bow that does 36 damage per shot. This is a pretty common bow which can be earned when beating Steel Lizalfos. More of a “quantity than quality” pick, you can stock up on these powerful bows and they def come in handy on the road as a replacement for a bow that shattered.

7. Zonaite Bow

The Zonite Bow brings an interesting mix of balancing energy with combat. The longer you charge a shot with the Zonaite Bow the further it goes. With a great base damage of 30 per arrow this is a versatile bow in combat.

6. Royal Bow

The Royal Bow is one of the most durable bows in the game, it can be used for so long I started wondering when it was going to break. It also comes with 38 base damage per shot. On top of that, the Royal colors give this bow great style.

5. Savage Lynel Bow

In the middle we’ve got the Savage Lynel Bow. This is another bow that can shoot out 3 arrows with 30 base damage. These bows will pile up your inventory if you ever find yourself farming Lynels. The only setback on this one is that the arrows fall much faster than other bows so it’s best for mid-range combat.

4. Demon King’s Bow

The Demon King’s Bow is a special one that can only be earned after beating Phantom Ganon. What makes this bow so special is how it calculates its damage output. The bow does damage based on how many max hearts the user has and doubles that by two. So for example, if you have 5 max hearts you’ll do 10 damage. Now factor in having 30 hearts, and you’re looking at 60 damage.

3. Dusk Bow

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The Dusk Bow can be found on the tallest tower of Hyrule Castle. This glowing bow does 30 base damage and shoots arrows that can cover massive distance. On top of that, it reappears after every Blood Moon so you’ll never have to worry when this bow breaks.

2. Royal Guard’s Bow

Next up at number two, and ranking as one of the highest in damage, we have the Royal Guard’s Bow which does with 50 base damage per shot. For mid-range combat this is a must have but the arrows don’t fly nearly as far as other bows. Distance aside, the damage and durability more than makes up for and shortcomings.

1. The Great Eagle Bow

The strongest bow on this list shouldn’t be a surprise. Personally I find the bows crafted in Rito to be the best, but none shine as bright as the Great Eagle Bow. Once wielded by the champion of Rito Village himself, Revali, this bow is a must have. With a base damage of 23, this bow shoots 3 arrows that soar through the air hitting targets from afar.

That finalizes our list of the ten best bows in TotK. Consider this when choosing which bows you should fill your inventory with. If you’re looking for more on things Tears of the Kingdom head to our guides hub.

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