Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Get Hearty Radish

A guide to getting and farming Hearty Radishes, a powerful cooking ingredient in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Radishes are useful for cooking, and in time you can grow them as crops. Until then, though, you’ll have to seek out them out in the wild. Here’s how to get Hearty Radish in TotK.

How to Get Hearty Radishes in Tears of the Kingdom

You’ll want to get some of these nutritious treats because they not only restore your Hearts completely, they also grant you temporary Hearts when used as an ingredient for cooking.

Before you can farm Hearty Radishes, you need to find at least one. They grow on the Sky Islands almost exclusively, and specifically on islands on the eastern side of the map. For the maps included below, the starred locations aren’t the only places you might find them. They’re simply where there’s a likelihood for them to be.

I grabbed mine on the Sokkala Sky Archipelago, at the location shown on the map below.

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However, you can also find them on the North Necluda Sky Archipelago.

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And Lanayru Sky Archipelago.

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How to Farm Hearty Radish

To avoid having to head into the sky, you’ll want to head to Hateno Village.

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Here, there’s a side quest that starts with Symin at the Hateno School called Teach Me a Lesson. This quest chain will unlock Uma’s Garden, which Link can use to grow produce.

To grow your own, you simply need to give Uma one when the garden is unlocked, and in return you’ll receive two Radishes once they’re harvested. There’s a time delay to allow the produce to grow, so you can complete other quests in the meantime, then return for your harvest and plant more crops. It takes about two days in-game.

Hearty Radish Recipe

You’ll want these vegetables to make some Creamy Heart Soup. The Creamy Heart Soup recipe is:

  • Hearty Radish
  • Hydromelon
  • Voltfruit
  • Fresh milk

Now you know how to get and farm Hearty Radish in Tears of the Kingdom. While you wait for your harvest, check out more Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides like finding the Cherry Blossom Trees or how to get Froggy Armor.

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