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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) — How to Get Froggy Armor

How to get the Froggy Armor to increase Slip Resistance in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, how to get Froggy Armor requires you to complete the Lucky Clover Gazette chain of side quests that make up Potential Princess Sightings. However, you don’t get the full set of armor at the end. Instead, you get the TotK Froggy Armor piece-by-piece when you complete 4, 9, and 12 of these quests.

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How to Get Froggy Armor in TotK

Your first step is to take up a part-time job as a reporter for the Lucky Clover Gazette by heading to what was once Rito Stable, which you’ll find to the east of Rito Village.

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After speaking with Traysi and Penn (your partner in reporting), you’ll officially have the “Potential Princess Sightings!” quest. Your task is to meet up with Penn at 12 stables where there are rumors regarding Princess Zelda, and as a reward, you’ll receive Rupees and Froggy Armor, which increases Slip Resistance.

The order you visit the stables in doesn’t matter, so feel free to deviate from the list below as it’s simply the order in which I visited the stables while exploring. At each stable, you’ll need to complete a short quest for that sighting investigation to be considered finished by Penn.

New Serenne Stable

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At New Serenne Stable, you’ll pick up The Beast and the Princess as this location’s investigation. This is the first quest I picked up for Lucky Clover Gazette since the stable is fairly close to Lookout Landing, but it was one of the last I completed.

This quest sends you farther away from where the quest giver than any other Princess Sighting, having you travel to West Necluda to investigate a rumored beast.

Tabantha Bridge Stable

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Here, you’ll speak with Penn and Chork to grab White Goats Gone Missing, which is one of the quicker Princess Sighting quests.

Chork needs you to find his missing goats, and you’ll come across them to the east of Tabantha Bridge Stable, making this a simple investigation to complete.

Snowfield Stable

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Make sure you have Cold Residence gear or food items before heading to Snowfield Stable and picking up the Zelda’s Golden Horse quest.

You’ll receive Stamina replenishing food, which you’ll need to use to tame Zelda’s horse if you haven’t upgraded your Stamina yet.

Be careful when you head to the north since there’s a Gleeok flying over the ruins.

Highland Stable

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At Highland Stable, you’ll pick up An Eerie Voice from Penn, who offers to investigate with you this time.

For this quest, you’ll speak with Penn at night to begin it. Then, follow him a short distance from the stable, and you’ll spot the source of this voice: the well. Hop down to finish your investigation.

Foothill Stable

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Foothill Stable is where you’ll pick up For Our Princess!. While the quest doesn’t require a lot of travel, you need to have Fuse ready and be prepared to fight after all your equipment is removed.

Take the path to the north, and you’ll spot the missing researchers standing at the entrance of a cave. They’ll ask you to clear the enemies inside without using your gear or weapons.

Once you kill the enemies in the cave, you’ll get your gear back, then return to the stable for this investigation to be completed.

Outskirt Stable

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This is where you pick up The Beckoning Woman, which will force you to do a fair amount of climbing.

From Outskirt Stable, you’ll head south on the path, then follow it east, and you run into a lone woman by a tree. You can use your Adventure Log to track where you need to go next since the woman will send you on a climbing spree before finally ambushing you.

Riverside Stable

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Riverside Stable starts the Gourmets Gone Missing quest. Speaking to Gotter sets you on a path across Owlan Bridge.

If you follow the path northeast, you’ll come across the camp of missing gourmets. Read the log next to the cooking pot for Zelda’s Meat and Rice Bowl recipe.

You make this dish using:

  • 1 Raw Meat
  • 1 Hylian Rice
  • 1 Rock Salt

Once done, speak with Agus to get the gourmets on their feet. You’ll receive the ingredients you used back as a reward. Head back to the stable to complete the quest.

Gerudo Canyon Stable

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Here, you’ll do The Blocked Well quest. It requires almost no traveling, and instead focuses on fighting enemies.

Jump down the well next to Penn, then break the boulders to enter another cavern that has a few enemies. Once you defeat them, Penn will yell to you, completing the quest and pulling you back out of the well.

Dueling Peaks Stable

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Another ambush quest, Dueling Peaks has you pick up Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! quest from Penn, who’s on top of the stable’s roof.

Head to the southern towering twin to find “Princess Zelda” in a cage. Lift the cage up, and you’ll be ambushed by the Yiga once again.

Woodland Stable

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Here, Penn gives you the Serenade to a Great Fairy quest, which is like taking a Korok to their friend, but with a band instead.

Repair the Stable Trotters’ wagon and use a Towing Harness to take them to the Great Fairy’s bud to the north. They’ll perform for the fairy, and not only do you complete another investigation, but you can now upgrade your armor.

Wetland Stable

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Penn has you take The Missing Farm Tools quest, which alleges that Princess Zelda borrowed farm tools and has yet to return them.

To the northwest, Izra is sitting on the dock wishing that he could travel down the river to investigate where the farm tools went. Add the Zonai Fan and Steering Stick to the raft, speak with Izra, and head down the river to complete this investigation.

South Akkala Stable

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The last sighting, here you pick up All-Clucking Cucco. Speak with the cucco to receive a few challenges that you have to complete.

  • First, make it to the top of the stable within a set time limit.
  • Second, bring logs to the cucco.
  • Third, defeat the Yiga assassins and complete the quest.

With that, you’ll finish Potential Princess Sightings! and earn yourself the full set of TotK Froggy Armor. Then, you can take a look at more Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides we have available.

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