Zero Time Dilemma: Escape the Biolab!

If you're having trouble navigating the icky specimen and complicated machinery of the Biolab, we've got you covered.

If you're having trouble navigating the icky specimen and complicated machinery of the Biolab, we've got you covered.

Once again, you’re trapped in a room with the lovebirds, Mira and Eric. You’re not going to get much done with their help, so here’s some tips and tricks if you’re stuck trying to get that pig out of the glass (it makes sense in context).

How to Escape the Biolab in Zero Time Dilemma:

This puzzle is a fairly standard one for the series, with a few minigame-style puzzles and a lot of inventory management.  There are a few spots that are easy to get stuck on though, so here’s a step by step breakdown that’ll get you through it.

  • There’s a sink to your left.  Examine it and pick up the knife.
  • Search the book case on your left.  There’s not much that will help you, but on top of a box in the middle are some notes about using a centrifuge.  Those will come in handy…
  • Turn left some more, and examine the pig pillow.  Cut the pig pillow open with the knife and take out the microscope lens and the power cable.
  • On the right, there’s a strange machine.  Use the power cable to turn it on, than the knife to open it up.  
  • Go back to where you found the pillow.  Examine the table near it, there’s a lot you need to do there.  First, put the lens on the microscope.  You won’t need to use it now, though.  Second, take the research notes next to the microscope.  Finally, examine the red part of the DNA model.  It’ll fall off and you can pick it up.
  • Turn left and examine the machine between the desk and the book case.  Use the red DNA part on the screws to open it up, and you’ll find a new item, the cover.  It’s a centrifuge! If only we had something to use it in…
  • Do what your mother told you not to and put the cover in the microwave.  Words will appear on it that say Orange Blue White.
  • On your left is a clean bench.  Take the Green and Pink liquids from it.
  • Seperate the liquids with the centrifuge.  Don’t mix them just yet.
  • Go to the microscope and take note of the amount of cells that are in each group of each liquid.
  • Mix yellow and red with the centrifuge.  Leave the other two unmixed for now.
  • Go back to the mysterious machine.  Pour in the following liquids: Orange, blue, and white.  You’ll get… a fetus in a jar (ew).
  • Put it with the other specimens, than go an check out the computer next to the mysterious machine.  It’ll show some pictures that will look familiar.
  • Go to the locker.  You’ll see some buttons that look like a Simon Says game.  Press each button the same amount of times as the cells in the corresponding color liquid.  In other words, Yellow=5, White=1, Red=2, Blue=3
  • You’ll find some a puzzle, where you’ll have to put frozen samples in place to escape.  This one’s tricky, so the best advice I can give is to place the biggest samples first, starting with the snake and the frog.  From then on, the puzzle should be easy.
  • You’ll get some pills, which will help you with the order of the specimens.
  • The order of the specimen is as follows: Penguin, Seahorse, Fetus, Butterfly, Root.  Once you’ve done that, touch the fingerprint scanner underneath it.
  • Go back to the sink.  You can now move it to the opposite wall.  
  • Underneath the sink, you’ll find a scalpel.  Take it with you.
  • Examine the table with the pig.  You should be able to move it over to the sink.
  • After a short scene, Pick up the dead pig and put it on sink.  Cut it open with the scalpel, and you’re all done!

After that, you’re treated to one of the game’s decision moments.  I won’t spoil it for you here, but it’s one of the easiest ones in the game.  Just think about which answer is mathematically the best one and you’ll be all set.

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