Hearthstone Journey to Un'Goro: The Best Quest Decks for Each Class

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SjoW’s Quest Warrior

Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi, an accomplished Starcraft and Hearthstone player, reached Rank 1 legend with his own brew of Taunt Warrior.

It has Dirty Rat to scoop out those pesky minions from your opponent’s hand, and then destroy them using Brawl. The Stonehill Defender provides more value with the discovered taunts that sometimes manifest in the form of powerful cards like Bog Creeper, Soggoth, and a few others.

Other than that, playing Taunt Warrior isn’t that hard -- you just curve out with your taunts until you finish the Quest, and blast an opponent’s face for 8 damage using your newly acquired hero power from Ragnaros.


Did you have success using any of these nine Hearthstone Quest decks? Which one do you think is the strongest in the current meta? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published Apr. 26th 2017

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