Hearthstone Journey to Un'Goro: The Best Quest Decks for Each Class

NickChipper’s Quest Hunter

Mykola “NickChipper” Velychko is currently playing for the Ukrainian team at the Hearthstone Global Games, and he is known for his powerful Hunter decklists that win him the most unfavorable matches.

His take on The Marsh Queen quest is very simple, yet effective. You can see lots of 1-cost beasts in the deck that will assure the completion of the Quest as early as possible. After Queen Carnassa steps on the board, you can start playing Tundra Rhino that will grant Charge to all of the Queen’s Raptors.

A couple of tech choices, such as Cult Master and Tol’Vir Warden, are absolutely necessary for this type of deck that requires a lot of draw. And one Deadly Shot should be held off for some big taunt that may prevent your raptors from finishing the game.

Published Apr. 26th 2017

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