Hearthstone Journey to Un'Goro: The Best Quest Decks for Each Class

DisguisedToast’s Quest Paladin

Well-known streamer and YouTube personality Disguised Toast always experiments with decks and finds unusual interactions between the cards. His take on Quest Paladin is extremely aggressive and relies on a lot of cheap buffs and minions.

Obviously, the most important minion is Primalfin Champion, which returns all the buffs to your hand after it dies. This mechanic allows you to invest as many spells as you want and not lose a single one of them…unless it gets silenced.

The Voraxx is another crucial choice for this deck -- the legendary that summons a 1/1 plant that copies the buff onto itself. And since most top tier decks don’t run any silence cards except Silence Priest, you can be sure that this Paladin deck will hit hard and fast.

Published Apr. 26th 2017

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