8 Games to Look Forward to in August

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Rare Replay

What's better than one game? 30 games!

After developing over a hundred video games in the past three decades, Rare has picked out 30 hits to celebrate their 30th anniversary in the business, all for only $30.

By earning up to 10,000 Gamerscore across all 30 games, which include gems like Banjo-KazooieBattletoads, and Perfect Dark, players can unlock more content, with Gamerscore previously earned for the Xbox 360 games carrying over. 

Old-school features like scanlines and rewind are available for some games, as well as online multiplayer and most downloadable content, while a new feature called Snapshots presents small segments of the games as challenges for the player. 

In addition, a one-hour documentary feature on the history of the studio is included in the compilation, along with concept art and information about unreleased Rare games.

Replay through 30 years of video gaming history on Xbox One on August 4th.


What games are you excited about this coming August? Talk about your favorites in the comments below. 

Published Jul. 21st 2015

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