Hitman 2: 100% Challenges Guide (Nightcall)

Check off all the optional challenges in Hitman 2's first mission with this step-by-step guide.

Each of Hitman 2's missions offers a wide variety of opportunities to inflict creative carnage, but not all of them are easy to uncover. Unlocking 100% of the available challenges in a mission will require patience and planning across several runs.

Note: Each 100% challenge completion guide in this series will only cover mission-specific Assassinations, Feats, and Discoveries. "Classic" challenges are the same across all missions and are straightforward in nature, so they won't be covered here. These guides also assume you've played through the mission at least once and have a basic knowledge of the map and objectives. Since there is a good deal of overlap between many Assassinations and Feats, these guides will offer suggestions on how to complete several at once wherever possible.

Nightcall Discoveries

There are four Discovery challenges in this mission.

WOOD YOU BELIEVE IT? - Find the "driftwood" weapon

You can find several pieces of driftwood on the beach; there's a convenient one near the ruined boathouse due south of the house.

UNDER THE MAT - Find the hidden house key

The hidden house key can be found in this white vase next to the pool (shoot it). Note that the key only unlocks the door right next to it.

DON'T TREAD ON ME - Find a squeaky toy

The squeaky toy can be found behind the bathtub in the second floor bathroom. Another can be found on the floor next to Alma's bed.

DISCOVER HAWKE'S BAY - uncover all map areas

There are six map areas to discover in this mission:

  • Ruined boathouse (on the beach near the default starting location)
  • House exterior
  • House exterior, roof
  • House interior, main floor
  • House interior, second floor/master bedroom
  • House interior, panic room

Nightcall Feats

There are eleven Feats in this mission. Some of them are fairly specific, while others can be completed in a number of ways.

CHAMELEON - Acquire all disguises

There's only one disguise available in this mission, and it can be claimed from any of Alma's bodyguards (except for Orson or the "guard captain," the guy standing next to her when she first enters the house). If you hide in her bedroom as soon as she arrives and wait a bit, a bodyguard will come in shortly and make a convenient target of himself.

NO RUNNING ON THE TILES - Push someone into the pool

Once Alma and her goons come home, one guard will take up a post just outside the door to the pool at the back of the house. Toss a coin as close as possible to the edge of the pool. When he goes to pick it up, cross another Feat off your list. (Beware the patrolling guard who also sometimes comes into the pool area—don't let him see you wax his buddy.)

TASTELESS, TRACELESS - Kill a mission target with poison

There are a number of ways to do this one, and it's one of the five requirements for completing the VERSATILE ASSASSIN Feat. In any case, you need to first retrieve the lethal poison from the second floor bathroom medicine cabinet, which you'll need a lockpick to open. You can find one in the panic room, or bring one in your initial loadout if you've unlocked it.

Once you've got the poison, you can put it in the honey that Alma will eventually put in her tea...

...or you can sneak up to the roof and hide from the guards until Alma goes into the second floor bathroom to brush her teeth. Use the poison on the bathroom air vent to eliminate her; this will also complete the SMELLS LIKE NAIL POLISH challenge.

A third option is to throw a frag grenade on top of the bathroom skylight while she's brushing her teeth (make sure it doesn't kill one of the guards). This will drive Alma and Orson into the panic room, at which point you can use the poison on the panic room vent instead. This will also complete the LIKE FISH IN A BARREL challenge.

ORSON BATHES - Kill Orson with a kitchen knife while he showers

This one is relatively simple. Grab the kitchen knife from the kitchen before Alma and her entourage return home, then stash yourself in the laundry basket in her bedroom and wait. Get comfy, it will be a while.

Wait until Alma and Orson start to get ready for bed; Orson will shower while Alma brushes her teeth. Sneak through the closet and you'll come out right behind the shower stall. You can either stab Orson at close range or throw the knife at him from the closet doorway; the latter is louder and will likely alert Alma, but I nonetheless found it easier to avoid detection this way.

DEATH OF A STATESMAN - Kill Orson by poisoning his whiskey

Since there's only one dose of lethal poison in this mission, you can't do this and poison Alma in the same run. It's easy to pull off, though; use the poison on the glass of whiskey in the master bedroom, then hide in the laundry basket nearby and wait a while.

I recommend also closing the blinds in this room so nobody outside sees the mayhem you'll cause a bit later.

After Orson showers and Alma brushes her teeth, Orson will do some weird sit-ups while Alma goes outside on the balcony. Once he joins her, go hide behind the couch.

The two of them will chat outside for a bit. Orson comes back inside first, but Alma follows soon after, so you need to be quick here. As soon as he drinks the whiskey, drag his body behind the couch such that Alma won't see it when she comes back in—you only have about 3-5 seconds to do this.

STRAIGHT SHOT - Kill a mission target with a headshot

This counts for VERSATILE ASSASSIN and can be done in just about any way you please, but if you want to do it quietly, it's best accomplished right after completing DEATH OF A STATESMAN. Once Alma turns the lights off, no guards will come into her room again, so you can shoot her in the head whenever you like. (Hide the body afterward, because there's a chance one of the roof guards might see her through the skylight.)

If you're looking to be as efficient as possible, simply completing the MR. SANDMAN Feat will satisfy this requirement as well. You can also complete the Assassination challenges LIKE FISH IN A BARREL or A CLEAN KILL by shooting her in the head (through the skylight of the panic room, in the former case).

SOMEONE COULD HURT THEMSELVES - Kill a mission target via an accident kill

Nightcall contains fewer accident kill opportunities than most of the other missions do—I've outlined two possibilities here. An accident kill is also a requirement for VERSATILE ASSASSIN.

The easiest way to do this is to use emetic rat poison on the honey before Alma comes home, then hide in this closet outside the first floor bathroom and wait for her to drink the tea.

Once she enters the bathroom to puke her guts out, sneak up behind her and drown her in the toilet to complete this challenge and HOLD MY HAIR at the same time. Oddly enough, this still counts as an accident even if you hide her body afterward.

You can also complete this Feat by waiting until just before Alma goes to bed, then pushing her over the balcony railing while she leans on it to talk to the guards below. It's very difficult to do this without being detected, but if you can manage it (perhaps by throwing something behind the guards so they turn around), it will count as an accident.

PIANO MAN and/or HOLD MY HAIR - Kill Alma with the fiber wire/by drowning her

Both of these Feats are required for VERSATILE ASSASSIN and are easily accomplished by luring Alma into the bathroom after using emetic rat poison on the honey as described above. Once she stars throwing up, you're perfectly positioned to drown or garrote her, which will check off HOLD MY HAIR or PIANO MAN, respectively.

MR. SANDMAN - Kill Alma with a headshot from the roof while she's sleeping

This Feat requires the least work, but the most patience. Simply head up to the roof as soon as the gang gets home and wait until she goes to bed and falls asleep, which takes 5-10 minutes. Shoot her in the head through the skylight and you're done. If you care about doing this quietly, you may want to kill Orson and hide his body before Alma goes to bed. Completing this Feat also satisfies STRAIGHT SHOT and will count toward VERSATILE ASSASSIN.

VERSATILE ASSASSIN - Complete five other specified Feats

To complete this one, you need to do all five of the following:


Nightcall Assassination Challenges

There are five Assassination challenges in this mission.

SUGAR, HONEY, HONEY - Kill Alma by poisoning her tea

Use the lethal poison on the honey in the kitchen, then wait for Alma to drink the tea. This is the only way to complete this challenge, as she never eats or drinks anything else.

LIKE FISH IN A BARREL - Kill Alma from the roof while she's in the panic room

It can be tricky to drive Alma into the panic room; sometimes she will run for one of the vehicles outside, or simply summon all her guards to kill you. I've found that the most reliable method is to wait until she's brushing her teeth, then throw a single frag grenade on top of the bathroom skylight.

Once she's in the panic room, you can kill her any way you like: by shooting her through the glass, with a proximity mine placed ahead of time, or by poisoning the panic room vent with lethal poison. Get creative.

SMELLS LIKE NAIL POLISH - Kill Alma by sabotaging the bathroom vent system

Simply use lethal poison on the bathroom vent as described in the TASTELESS, TRACELESS section above.

A CLEAN KILL - Kill Alma while Orson is in the shower

This can be done in any way you like, as long as Orson is in the shower at the time.

SLEEP TIGHT - Kill Alma by smothering her in her sleep

If you care about doing this quietly, you may want to kill or subdue Orson and hide his body before Alma goes to bed. Once she does, simply sneak over to her and follow the prompt.

There you have it! It will take several runs, but you now know all you need to know in order to fully complete Nightcall.

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