ELEX Guide: Complete Converter Keycodes List

Having trouble hacking your way into the Converters in ELEX? Here's a list of some of the keycodes you can use to get in!

ELEX is Piranha Bytes’ most recent open-world action RPG, as well as their very first science-fiction/science-fantasy game. ELEX's title refers to an exotic and precious substance in the game that’s used to power machines and grant magical powers to people.

The antagonists of the game, the Alb, use Converters to extract elex from the environment, and given the scarcity of the resource, it’s only natural that the player will want to access these Converters, too.

There are probably lots of things that come to mind when you think “action RPG” and “science fiction”, but one of the most common gameplay elements shared by those games is hacking and keycodes.

That's where ELEX converters come into play.

In practice, ELEX’s hacking mini-game can actually be a pretty tough nut to crack, even if you are a mastermind. And it’s pretty likely that you’ll need to hunt down the keycodes for some of the Converters to crack their codes.

Here are a few of the ELEX converter codes that have been discovered so far:

  • Edan Converter: 1438
  • Ignadon Converter: 4486
  • East Xacor Converter: 0666
  • Tavar Converter: 3729
  • North Abessa Converter: 3210
  • South Abessa Converter: 5768


Right, that's the list of converter codes that are out in the wild, but there are more of them in the world of ELEX, so we'll be updating this list accordingly. If you find any converters or keycodes that aren't listed here, let us know and we'll throw them in! 

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Published Oct. 28th 2017

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