Unreal Engine 4 shows how deadly Death Mountain really is

Death Mountain recreated in Unreal Engine 4 looks, unsurprisingly, gorgeous and everyone should see it ASAP!

Link's been to Death Mountain many times before in the past, but it's never looked this good (and a bit terrifying)

We may still have a long time to wait until the first true Legend of Zelda HD game (not including recent remasters), but the creator of this demo, CryZENx has been trying to help make the wait just a little less painful.  CryZENx has brought our Legend of Zelda HD dreams to life in the past with HD renditions of Kakariko Village, The Temple of Time, and many other well known locations from the series.  This demo, starring child Link wearing the Goron Tunic, shows him exploring the fiery depths of Death Mountain, and I cannot stress enough how great it looks.  Check out the video above and go to CryZenx's channel to see other Unreal Engine 4 renditions of characters and games like Mario, Pokemon, and Kirby (just to name a few). Finally, you can download the Death Mountain demo for yourself RIGHT HERE!  Enjoy, and try not to get burned.


Published Mar. 15th 2016

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