12 Incredible nerdom and video game-inspired gingerbread houses

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Cake decorators and pastry chefs have long been revered for their artistry and attention to detail. The things these bakers can do with cake knows no bounds. However, one form of food artistry that has been vastly overlooked and severely underrated is the art of making gingerbread houses.

Constructing houses and other structures out of gingerbread is just as time consuming and methodical as baking and decorating a cake. However, due to the texture and consistency of gingerbread, it provides for a sturdier base than soft, malleable cake.

Competitions are even dedicated to the creation of these masterpieces. Much love and hard work goes into these confections and it is about time these pieces of art are recognized.

Here are some of the most amazing gingerbread houses that are not only incredible due to their size, detail and accuracy, but also due to their being inspired by the most beloved nerdoms and video games.

Published Sep. 14th 2015

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