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If you're new to Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Link Skills can either seem useless or too hard even bother with since they require at least two specific characters are next to each other in battle. But this couldn't be further from the truth! Link Skills are valuable assets to a team, especially as you progress.

So what are Link Skills?

In a nutshell, they provide stat bonuses based on which characters are next to one another in a turn. Every character has at least one Link Skill, and some have several. You have to pay attention to them if you want to optimize your team.

Here's a very simple example of Link Skills in action:

Let's say you have a Trunks (Teen) Hawk Eyes, which has the following Link Skills:

  • Cold Judgement (+300 ATK)
  • Messenger from the Future (+500 ATK)
  • The Vegeta Family (+1 Ki)

You want to have Trunks next to someone else with at least one of those Link Skills when possible in battle. Every Trunks card has all three these Link Skills, meaning if you have one Trunks card next to another, it will proc all three Link Skills. If you have one of the many Vegeta cards next to him on a turn (they all have The Vegeta Family), it will only proc the skill they have in common.

It's important to remember you can move characters around mid-battle, which is a big part of making the most of your Link Skills. My good friend Synzer has written a guide covering turn positioning that's worth a read if you're in the dark on how characters rotate per turn.

This guide is separated into three separate slides, with this one (the first slide) covering which Link Skills are currently in the game and what they do.

Slides two and three cover the Link Skill-sorted character list. All of the game's current Link Skills are organized in alphabetical order, with lists of which characters have them so you have an easier time planning. Slide two covers letters A through M of the alphabet, while slide three covers N through Z.

All of the information used here was gathered from the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle subreddit Character Encyclopedia, then manually typed out and sorted here. I will be updating with each patch as DBZ:DB is one of the regular mobile games I play. Be sure to check out the subreddit if you want to get help team building,

Link Skill effect list

Link SkillEffect
 All in the Family +2000 DEF
 Android Assault +1000 DEF
Attack of the Clones +1 Ki
 Battlefield Diva +2 Ki
Berserker ATK +20% when HP is 10% or below
Best Buddies +1 Ki
 Big Bad Bosses ATK +25% when HP is 10% or below
 Bombardment ATK +15%
 Brainiacs +300 ATK, +1000 DEF
 Brutal Beatdown +500 ATK
 Cold Judgement +300 ATK
 Cool Judgement +300 ATK
 Courage +1 Ki
 Coward +1 Ki
 Crane School +500 ATK
 Demon +1 Ki
 Demon Duo +20% ATK
 Dodon Ray +2000 ATK when using Super Attack
 Evil Autocrats +1 Ki
 Family Ties +2 Ki
 Flee +1 Ki when HP is 20% or below
 Frieza's Army +1000 DEF
 Frieza's Minion +300 ATK
 Gaze of Respect +2 Ki
Gentleman +2 Ki
 Golden Warrior Ki +1
Opponent DEF -2000
 Hero +20% DEF
 Infighter Opponent DEF -5%
 Kamehameha +2500 ATK when using Super Attack
 Master and Pupil +1 Ki
 Mechanical Menaces +1 Ki
 Messenger from the Future +500 ATK
 Metamorphosis HP recovery +5%
 Money Money Money +1 Ki
 More than Meets the Eye +300 ATK
 Namekians HP recovery +5%
 New +200 ATK
 Over 9000 ATK +10%
 Prodigies +700 ATK
 Respect +500 ATK
 Revival +2 Ki
 Rival Duo -1000 DEf on attacked enemies
+500 ATK
 RR Army +300 ATK
 Saiyan Pride +15% ATK
 Saiyan Warrior Race +700 ATK
 Shocking Speed +2 Ki
 Sibling +1 Ki
 Speedy Retribution +300 ATK
 Strongest Clan in Space +2 Ki
 Strongest Duo on Earth +10% ATK
 Super Saiyan +10% ATK
 Supreme Warrior +1 Ki
 Tag Team of Terror +500 ATK
 Team Bardock +1 Ki
 Telekinesis Opponent DEF - 10%
 The Ginyu Force +25% ATK
 The Hercule Family +1 Ki
 The Innocents +10% ATK
 The Vegeta Family +1 Ki
 Thirst for Conquest +15% ATK
 Tough as Nails +1500 DEF
 Turtle School +500 ATK & +500 DEF
Twin Terrors +2 Ki
 Universe's Most Malevolent +15% ATK
 World Tournament Champion +1 Ki
 World Tournament Reborn +1 Ki
 Z Fighters +500 ATK
Published Aug. 23rd 2015

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