5 reasons why the GameCube still has the best controller ever

The GameCube controller's comfort, input, buttons, and d-pad make it my favorite controller.

Avid video game players have always debated which console had the best controller. The DualShock, Xbox 360, and Wii U Pro controllers are all great.

But the fancy touch pads, the bells and whistles of newer controllers, won't ever quite make them perfect. Although it might be outdated the GameCube controller will always be the best to me, and here's why.


One thing that everyone says when describing their favorite controller is that "it just feels right." That is how I feel about the GameCube's perfectly shaped controller. It's not too big, yet not too small. Your hands aren't stretched apart, and they aren't too close together. I sound like Goldilocks. 

Great input

Because the GameCube controller is wired, there are really no input problems such as lag. This makes it perfect for Super Smash Bros. Melee and other games that depend on perfect timing. This is why a lot of Smash Bros. fans still overwhelmingly prefer using the GameCube controller to destroy their friends.

Weirdly awesome buttons

The buttons on the GameCube controller are weirdly placed, weirdly shaped, and weirdly colored. Yet somehow they just work. The Skittles-like colors of the GameCube controller's buttons add a touch of interest, while the formation of the Y, X, A, and B buttons is perplexingly wonderful. Additionally, the large size of the A button relative to the other buttons is just smart design, in my opinion.

Classic Nintendo D-pad

While the GameCube doesn't boast the best D-pad out of Nintendo's controllers, it is still excellent. The input is just as sharp as any of Nintendo's other D-pads, but the pad itself is a little too small. Despite this problem, the GameCube's D-pad is still better than the Xbox's line of controllers.


The WaveBird controller is awesome. It made big strides for the wireless controller becoming the industry standard, and as a kid it was so cool getting to play with a wireless controller. No longer did I have to sit in front of my TV so that I could play GameCube. I could sit on my couch and comfortably play my games. I also have fond memories of traipsing around my cousin's house, trying to see how far away we could be before the controller stopped working with the GameCube.

What is your favorite controller? Do you love the GameCube controller as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!


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Published Sep. 6th 2015
  • Curtis Dillon
    Always loved the GameCube and the controller. That being said, being a PlayStation guy for as long as I have, the Dualshock just feels natural to me. My hands have seemingly formed to fit it perfectly over the years!

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