Things we love: The best rated gaming mouse mats

Mouse mats - when a regular mouse pad just won't do. Check out these XXL gamer essentials.

For when your mouse pad needs to double as a memory foam mattress. These XXL accessories are long enough to hold both your keyboard and mouse in place during the most intense matches and provide extra thickness for your comfort.

Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Why not find your mouse mat solution at the very fount of PC gaming wisdom -- the Glorious PC Gaming Race (.com)? At 36”x11”, this mouse mat will keep your peripherals in place. It can’t really keep you from wiping, though. That’s on you. 1,696 reviews, 5 stars = GLORIOUS!

Reflex Lab Large Extended Heavy Mouse Pad

This mat is 40-60% thicker than regular mouse pads to provide optimal comfort while gaming, with a waterproof coating for any spills. 36”x12” and machine washable. This option combines quality with affordability. 1,065 reviews, 5 stars = must have!

Razer Overwatch Goliathus Extended SPEED Soft Gaming Mouse Mat

This mouse mat’s built for speed with a slick surface that also maximizes control. Perfect for your next Overwatch match. 36.22”x11.57” with 3mm thickness. According to Slothy Geek, CS GO pros such as EliGE and FugLy have used the Razer Goliathus Extended mat (not the Overwatch one, of course). 895 reviews, 4.5 stars = we love it!

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Published Aug. 23rd 2016

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