Angry Birds Go is Free to Play With $125 DLC

Following the tracks of Real Racing 3, this free Angry Birds game is sure to be heavy on your wallet.

The folks over at Rovia games are launching a new Angry Birds kart racing game, and they've decided to go down the same road as Forza 5 and make the game microtransaction heavy. One transaction definitely stands out as not quite so 'micro'-- the $125 premium Big Band Special Edition Car.

Now before you go throw that Angry Bird plushy on a bonfire, there's a few things you should know. The game doesn't officially launch until December 11th, and this transaction is only present in the soft launch version, available in New Zealand. 

Besides the ridiculously overpriced car, your racer will also fatigue after a couple races. This leaves the player with either the option of waiting for their stamina to go back up, or pay to refresh it. Alternatively, they can switch to another bird if they've been unlocked/purchased.

There is also a "pay to win" model, where players can pay to be able to use your racer's special powers more often during a race. This isn't considered as upsetting the game's balance since there is no multiplayer mode.  

So naturally as this news broke earlier today, there's been a pretty vocal outcry from the internet. So much so, that Eurogamer contacted Rovio and got an official statement:

"Angry Birds Go! is currently available early in certain regions as part of a soft launch," Antila commented. "That said, early feedback from the press and community is important to us. We'll definitely be taking action on some of the points raised."

That is their way of saying they wanted to test the limit of how far they could gouge players by launching the game in a very limited market. Rovio claims they will change the microtransactions before the game launches in America.

Considering how much money the original Angry Birds made from just being a fun game... I find this shake down approach from Rovio to be pretty deplorable. There's no word on if anyone from the soft launch that actually paid for the Big Bang Edition car will be issued a refund. Like I said in the article about the Xbox One microtransactions, as long as there are people out there paying for these rip-offs, developers will continue to put them in games. 

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Published Nov. 27th 2013
  • Federico Senence
    Featured Contributor
    So consoles are jumping into the waters that mobile games have been swimming in for some time now. Its going to stink for gamers who have to start shelling out $100+ dollars per game to not only play but if they want to enjoy it online will probably have no choice. The Battlefield series is good for this - $60 for the game but if you want to compete online you pretty much have to pay for the $60 upgrade to premium. Many others are like this too and now micro transactions for a little upgrade here or there? Hope everyone has parental controls on so they don't get that surprise $500 credit card bill from little Johnny beating the game in record time!
  • Kageneko622
    Honestly...I'm not sure what im more shocked about...a dlc for 125 dollars...or that there is an angry birds kart racing 0_0....i...i...just wanna know why?
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Obviously they felt like they could get away with it considering the popularity of the series. :V Hopefully this is something they go back on in the full launch, feels really slimy.

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