Guile's Theme Goes With Everything

This is a quick piece to help you start your weekend out right AWESOMELY.

Guile is a character from the Street Fighter series that was made specifically designed for Western Markets. Hell, when the game released, people from the US who were polled believed that he was the main character in the game.

Wait, you mean he isn't?

In 2010 an internet trend began highlighting Guile's kick-ass theme music. If America was ever to choose another national anthem, his song would be right behind Top Gun's theme.

Gotcha covered

Apparently, someone discovered that his music goes with ANYTHING.

Seriously, it is not an exaggeration either. It can be applied to obvious situations like the end of a speech by Obama, cats fighting, or nailing a sweet dunk to impress your date.

Of course you have less apparent uses when mixing it within movies. Films ranging to Cabin FeverV for Vendetta, to The Lion King, and even Predator have been lampooned over the last few years.

You're welcome.

There are literally thousands of different combinations that have been uploaded to Youtube. A little something for the whole family! (Be careful not to get lost).

Sure, it might be a cheesy internet meme, but it definitely has a spot in my heart. Maybe after listening to it, I'll go and become a Family Man.

For the record, the best one is from the Maury Show- He is NOT the father!




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Published May. 20th 2013

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