Five Games to Brighten the PS4's Future Part 4

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We’re two weeks into 2014, and have so far seen the release of indie survival title Don’t Starve. This is nice, but not enough to calm our hunger for more thrilling experiences and brilliant characters. We’ll see the release of Tomb Raider later this month, but until late February, we won’t see the true beginning of the next-gen.

Now it’s all about the waiting game. We sit by patiently twiddling our thumbs and daydreaming of all the games we are going to play for hours upon hours. The likes of The Crew and Outlast haunt us as we prepare to hold that new DualShock 4 for a longer period of time.

Here are another five games to contend for your hard-earned cash. Hopefully they justify the expenditure.


Outlast originally launched on PC back in September with promises of a PS4 launch, more specifically a launch on the free games list of PlayStation Plus. That time is nearly upon us, as developer Red Barrels has announced the survival horror title will be the February game of the month. The scares will be enhanced with larger screens and better graphics; the use of a controller certainly won’t hinder it either.

Outlast tells the tale of an investigative journalist, exploring the wrong part of the world for quite possibly the last time. The inhabits of Mount Massive Asylum are twisted beings, shadows of their former insane selves. Now they hunger for you, to shred your flesh down to the very soul hidden within. The player will need to be quick on their feet as they escape through the maze-like halls of the insane asylum. All the while discovering what really happened here so long ago.

Lords of the Fallen

The one genre we are seriously lacking on the PS4 is the RPG. We don’t have any at all, sure Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has RPG-like elements, but it isn't a true role-playing game in the common sense. Lords of the Fallen excites me as much as The Witcher 3 does. It is unique adventure, filled with fantastical enemies and set pieces.

Lords of the Fallen is taking influence from such action-RPGs as Dark Souls, but the developers aren't looking to punish you with death every few feet. Instead the focus is on fun and entertainment, mastering the skills your character learns along your journey. Players will be challenges, but they will learn from their mistakes instead of being forced to die and restart. Promising boss battles look to break things up, studying and practicing will play an important role if you are to take down these special AI with ease.


The Crew

I’m a huge fan of the racing genre, more specifically any racing game that gives me power of customization. The brilliant aspect of The Crew is that the majority of the game is a customized experience. The cars you drive, the parts you put into it, the races you participate in, and the players who make up your Crew. Everything is down to you in this massive racing game spanning multiple cities and highways across the vast expanse of the United States.

Featuring an open and persistent world for racing, The Crew looks to bring the player to the roads, or as close as possible. It has been reported to take a full 90 minutes to drive from coast to coast in-game, which is epic. A single-player campaign will be included, but the real thrill comes from racing your friends and other players, discovering who is the best and who has the fastest cars. Thanks to an app being released on iOS and Android, players will be able to customize their machinery from anywhere, not just from home.


From what we've seen of Counterspy so far, the game looks to be an enjoyable 3D side-scrolling adventure. This is definitely not a title for many gamers, but there are plenty out there that will find some fun from a few hours of play. Playing as a spy is something we’d love to see more of in gaming, this will count for now.

Players will step into the shoes of a spy, infiltrating various areas while fighting enemies and hacking in through keyboards to make it past certain areas. Small puzzles like this look to break up the running and jumping gameplay. Combat pans back into an over the shoulder, third-person view as you take out the henchman standing in your way. This will be one to watch for now.


Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

The Warhammer franchise has had a tendency to stick to the PC platform, with the exception of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. That makes this entry a little more exciting, especially for long-time fans of the space-epic. This time around the focus is on Player versus Player, with the game occurring on one planet at a time.

Gamers can play as Orks, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, and Eldar. Each will have various clans and chapters within; these will fit different playstyles and preferences. Tyranids will make an appearance as well, but they are unplayable at launch. Unfortunately the game will be limited F2P, at launch players can play as Orks. Other races and classes will be included with a purchase of the full game; this is much like Driveclub. Good news is new planets will be available often enough, allowing for new settings. The developers will release the second planet around three months after release day.

Published Jan. 14th 2014

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