15 Brilliant Video Game Tributes From DeviantArt

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by Ainyan

Fan Art Is a Tribute to Visual Media

Fan art has been around as long as media has - from artists' renderings of scenes from books, to expanding the universe of a movie or video game. The imaginations of many a creative mind have been sparked by a random scene or conversation that simply begs them to take it one step further. Here is a collection of fifteen works from artists on DeviantArt which have captured the essence of a video game (or games) in stunning tribute to the inspiring work.
Dragon Effect by AndrewRyanArt

We'll start with an epic piece spanning not one, but two award-winning games by BioWare: Mass Effect and Dragon Age, depicting the crew of the Normandy as they would appear on Thedas: Dragon Effect by AndrewRyanArt

Published Jun. 1st 2015

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