Doom Eternal Tears Into Franchise Sales Record

Though it only released a few days ago, the first-person shooter is already a roaring success.

According to players and critics alike, Doom Eternal is a ripping good time. Currently sitting at an average of 88 on Metacritic across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, id and Bethesda's latest shooter, and the follow-up to Doom (2016), raked in a lot of dough over its release weekend.  

While Bethesda did not share exact sales numbers, the developer and publisher said that Doom Eternal "has quickly broken the franchise record for opening weekend sales, doubling the launch revenue of Doom (2016)."

While some of us (meaning me) took a while to warm to the game, others loved it from the start. In our review of Doom Eternal, David Jagneaux said: 

Doom Eternal absolutely delivers on all-fronts by blasting us with one of the most intense and satisfying single-player shooter campaigns in years.

It's going to potentially come off as reductive and simplistic, but Doom Eternal is just really, really good. If you enjoy shooters, want to see demons explode while gushing blood, and can handle yourself in a fast-paced firefight, there should be zero hesitation in your mind about picking up Doom Eternal.

Per multiple sources, including Eurogamer and Bethesda, some 100,000 people played Doom Eternal this past weekend — just on Steam. Currently, the shooter is ranked #21 on Steam Charts, with more than 41,000 concurrent players. Additionally, a total of 4 million hours have already been played on the platform. 

For more on Doom Eternal, be sure to head over to our guides hub and stay tuned for more in the coming days. 

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Published Mar. 25th 2020

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