8 Fun, Weird, and Scary Animal Crossing Fan Creations

Rainy Day Friends

Poor Digby didn’t get too much attention after he was introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, unless you were really keen on the design showroom. Despite his important role in Happy Home Designer, you still didn’t get to see him do much then either. 

Why does that matter? Because this GIF from sarcastically exists to show us how much we need to see his adorable interactions with sister Isabelle. Both puppers shoulder a ton of responsibility — which is one reason why we showcased Isabelle for International Dog Day last year. But it’s just too cute seeing Digby in the role of responsible brother. Poor Isabelle, probably too busy thinking about where your next Public Works project should go, forgot her umbrella, and got caught in the rain. 

Luckily, Digby happened by with one to spare, seeing as he’s got his raincoat. If you’re really in a Ghibli mood, as I apparently am at the time of writing, you can see a parallel between this and the iconic cover for My Neighbor Totoro — though this isn’t confirmation Kapp’n’s vehicle in New Horizons is the cat bus.

Published Feb. 7th 2020

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