Top 10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2015

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1. Alone In The Dark: Illumination

Metacritic Score: 19 (User Score: 1.5)

And the winner, of worst game of 2015, is Alone In The Dark: Illumination! I mean, if you're gonna make a bad game, why not make the worst?! Much like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, this a series that dates back to the '90s and has a devoted fanbase, which makes the absurdly poor quality of Alone In The Dark: Illumination that much more disappointing.

Illumination clearly tried to emulate the success of 2004's Resident Evil 4, right down to the blonde protagonist with the brown leather jacket, but the game showed none of the genius of that classic. The game is buggy to the point that it is almost broken, there's no real sound or music, and the combat sucks. The idea of enemies only being vulnerable when they're in the light isn't exactly a new one, but it is a fun one; unfortunately, it's horribly executed here. One word pretty much sums up the entire experience: unfinished.

Disgracing the name of Alone In The Dark is just one of the many crimes committed in this hatefully frustrating, and patently unfinished, survival horror.

                                                                                                  - Metro

Published Dec. 30th 2015

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