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2015 is the year the PS4 and Xbox One really matured. There have been excellent games on both systems this year, far eclipsing everything from 2014.

We got the long-awaited finales to blockbuster series' like Batman and The Witcher, we got impressive debuts with Bloodborne and Life Is Strange, and we got highly anticipated returns in the form of Fallout and Metal gear Solid.

All in all 2015 was a seminal year for gaming.

At this time year of year we're all looking to 2016 and impatiently awaiting the likes of Uncharted 4 and Gears 4, but it's also the time of year to look back on what made 2015 great. And this list compiles the very best of the year in question.

The following 10 games are the highest rated games in 2015, as per Metacritic. The list will not contain remasters, ports, or re-releases, so don't expect to see GTA V on PC, or Shovel Knight on PS4/Xbox One. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's jump in and reveal the crème de la crème.

Published Dec. 29th 2015
  • Eddie Buzzzard
    I think Fallout $ is the best game, but I havent played the top three through one so Ill ask my mom
  • Eddie Buzzzard
    Hi Fallouts my favorite 2015 game. Im sorry, Elder Scrolls, but give me a mmo that dosent SUCK!!
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I'm so excited about the variety of games and genres represented on here!

    And even more excited that there are two Kickstarter games (Pillars and Undertale) and an Early Access game (Kerbal) actually making it in the meta-rankings as high as huge AAA titles. It really makes me smile!
  • Curtis Dillon
    Yeah it's a great sign for things going forward! Plus Shovel Knight was really high up on the Metacritic list too, though it was a port, and it was kickstarted as well! Next year we could see really experimental things like Cuphead, as well as Kickstarters like Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained, and Mighty No. 9. I'll be really interested in this list next year, could be very surprising!

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