Diablo III’s Season of the Necromancer

Diablo III's Season 11 just kicked off, and it's the first opportunity to run a season as a necromancer.

Every "season", Diablo III players are given the chance at a fresh start. They can level up a new hero in either Normal or Hardcore mode. Season 11 kicked off Thursday and it's the season of the Necromancer. For those who participated in Season 10, all your gold and blood shards have been transferred to your non-seasonal characters. Paragon is also transferred but not as a raw score. All unequipped items are transferred by in-game mail and needed to be claimed within thirty days of your next login. And artisan progress and recipes are transferred as well.

Meet the Necromancer. 

Since the release of Rise of the Necromancer content on June 27, many have had the opportunity to try out the new ranged class. They’ve also had the time to learn how to control their army, use a scythe, and make the most of the corpses. But for those who haven’t now's the perfect time to give the class a try. The purchasable content currently costs $14.99.

What else do players have to look forward to this season?

Pet collectors will be excited to meet the new Emerald Dragon! There's also the opportunity to get an exclusive transmogrification set by reaching level seventy (just like last season). Additionally, players will have the chance to unlock an additional Stash tab by completing a series of tasks at the Conqueror Tier. All progression will be tracked on the leaderboard.

Complete Chapters 2, 3, and 4 and get Haedrig’s Gifts.

The Barbarians will get the Wrath of the Wastes. The Crusaders will get Roland’s Legacy. The Demon Hunters will get Unhallowed Essence. The Monks will get the Raiment of a Thousand Storms. The Necromancers will get the Bones of Rathma. The Witch Doctors will get the Helltooth Harness. And the Wizards will get Tal Rasha’s Elements.

What else has Blizzard done?

The D3 developer also created a tie-in comic called The Chosen, showing the journey of a young recruited necromancer. Additionally, the team wrote an article called Deadly Roots: The Lore of the Necromancer, which further explains things like the life of Rathma and Mendeln the apprentice.


Are you excited for Season 11? Let me know down in the comments! And  if you're going to be playing as a Necromancer, be sure to check out our guides for Necromancer builds and Necromancer power-leveling in Diablo III.


Published Jul. 24th 2017

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