Xbox One Getting Full Xbox 360 Backwards Compatability

Backwards compatibility finally comes to Xbox One.

Back when the Xbox One was first announced, one of the first things we heard was a lack of backwards compatibility. A lot of gamers were disheartened by this, and PlayStation 4 gave the same statement not too long after. It seemed like all our old games would need their consoles to be played.

That has all changed today.

During the Xbox One conference, Microsoft has revealed that not only can you play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, but they will be fully supported. Achievements, multiplayer, and more will all be available on Xbox One. No confirmation on demos coming over, but this is a huge win for Games with Gold subscribers. Unlike PlayStation Plus subscribers, now you can enjoy the best games from both generations on the same console.

Ubisoft then helped further push this as an idea exclusive to Xbox One, with console exclusive bonus free copies of Rainbow Six Vegas 1-2 included with Rainbow Six: Siege. Reportedly, the functionality will be updated into the system OS sometime in the holiday season. So keep a tight grip on those Xbox 360 games if you plan to make the jump to next-gen this Black Friday or Christmas. Turns out there's still plenty of life left in them.

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Published Jun. 15th 2015

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