10 Reasons Why Star Citizen Will Blow You Away

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2. The FPS Mode

It’s a brave move attempting to mix two very different genres into one game, but Chris Roberts has the time, experience, team, and most importantly the enormous budget to make the FPS element of Star Citizen feel like more than something which has just been tacked on.

The FPS side of things comes into play at different times of the game. One of the more exciting prospects is when your ship gets invaded and you and your crew have to fight off the unwelcome space pirates in a first-person mode. Roberts has even talked about the dangers of having your character walk around some of the more unsavory areas while on planets: take a shortcut down a back alley with a pocket full of credits and you may find yourself fighting off a group of muggers.

Then there’s the zero gravity element, something which is notoriously difficult to get right in FPS games, but it’s looking like Star Citizen has nailed it. Roberts is so confident in this zero-g aspect that there’s going to be an entire in-universe sports game based on it. Astro Arena will have leagues and competitions for its players, meaning anyone who doesn't feel like making a name for themselves as a Han Solo-type space merchant can opt to become a sporting superstar instead, or perhaps even both.

Published Mar. 16th 2015

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