10 Reasons Why Star Citizen Will Blow You Away

6. Four Genres Of Game In One

Star Citizen can be considered as having four different systems working within one game: an MMO, a single-player game, a space combat sim, and a first person shooter, all linked together through the 'Planetside' social module. This is something which has never been done before, and shows just why $100 million will be needed to fulfill Roberts' ambition.

None of these separate elements are 100% completed yet, but what we have seen so far looks amazing. With there being four different parts to Star Citizen, chances are everyone will have their own personal favorite. Maybe some people will buy it mainly for the single player campaigns, perhaps others will be more interested in the multiplayer side of things, but having so much choice will mean everyone will get something from the game.

Published Mar. 16th 2015

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