10 Reasons Why Star Citizen Will Blow You Away

3. CryEngine

Star Citizen will run on the 4th generation of CryEngine. This incredibly powerful game engine has been used in other visually stunning games such as RYSE: Son Of Rome, and is being utilized to full effect here.

The game looks stunning, even on low graphical settings. Though for any players lucky enough to own a beast of a rig, the option to see the universe rendered in a beautiful 4K resolution will be available. Roberts even expects Star Citizen to become the next benchmark game for new GPUs.

Star Citizen is being optimized to run on a wide range of PCs, so you don’t have to upgrade your hardware in order to play it. Although should you chose to invest in some new PC components, the game takes full advantage of modern tech such as multi-core CPUs and AMD’s mantle technology. 

Published Mar. 16th 2015

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