Get a Sneak Peak at New Pokemon Snap with Explore The Lental Region Site

The Explore the Lental Region site for New Pokemon Snap gives us an early look at eight regions in Lental.

New Pokemon Snap releases April 30 on Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo is giving fans a chance to explore the Lental region ahead of time — well, sort of.

The Explore Lental site is live now, offering a sneak peak at eight of New Pokemon Snap's regions with clickable locations where you can learn more about what to expect once the full game releases.

Each region has an exclusive digital photo frame you can apply to photos and share on social media, and you'll earn Platinum Points for exploring the site as well.

It's also worth noting the promotional image confirms more than just Gen II Pokemon for New Pokemon Snap. There's a Hippowdon lurking in the oasis there (Gen IV) and what looks like a Torchic (Gen III) approaching it.

New Pokemon Snap puts you back in the cab of the NEO-ONE at the behest of Professor Mirror. The goal is taking top-tier images of Pokemon all around the Lental region, and that means paying close attention to each environment. Some Pokemon react to food, some are only out at night, and most have different responses to New Pokemon Snap's Illumina Orbs.

Check out Illumina Orbs in action in the most recent New Pokemon Snap trailer. 


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Published Apr. 23rd 2021

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