New Pokemon Snap Features Online Leaderboards

New Pokemon Snap includes online leaderboards and mysterious Illumina Orbs that bring out rare Pokemon actions.

The Pokemon Company teased some fresh new features in New Pokemon Snap as part of the Pokemon 25th anniversary celebrations, including glowing Pokemon and online leaderboards.

As with the original Pokemon Snap, the professor ranks photos based on quality and pose. Ace and budding Snap photographers alike can go online and post their favorite photos, and should these pics find favor with other players, they could be included in the game's featured photo roundup.

One way of increasing both a photo's points and the chance of shooting a popular pic is catching Pokemon doing unusual things. The latest New Pokemon Snap trailer showed the usual "throw fruit at Pokemon" option, but players can also attract Pokemon with music to encourage unique behavior.

Another option is using the new Illumina Orb item. Illumina Orbs have different effects depending on the Pokemon, but they all revolve around light. Swanna glows when it comes in contact with an Illumina Orb, while Cinderrace's fire gains an ethereal blue light.

Sometimes, though, it just comes down to luck and catching Pokemon doing rare and unusual things at the right time. New Pokemon Snap releases April 30 for Nintendo Switch.


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Published Feb. 26th 2021

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