Windbound Weapons and Armor Recipe Guide

Here' everything you need to know about the weapons and armor in Windbound, including recipes on how to craft them and the clay kiln.

Once you begin exploring in Windbound, it isn’t long before you encounter a variety of animals. Kara needs to eat so she doesn’t starve, as it ties into the game's stamina system. Since hunting is key part of the experience, so is crafting weapons, and discovering which weapon is best for each situation.

Once animals are killed, they often drop raw meat, but while timid Bleenks offer practically no challenge, it isn’t long before you start encountering more dangerous foes, such as Gorehorns, Gloomharrows, and Plainstalkers. Kara's tribal knife isn’t up to the task of beating these beasts, but fear not, it won’t be long before you start crafting new weapons or armor.

Outside of your knife, spears are your primary melee weapon, but a successful hunt often relies upon ranged weapons. Windbound provides slings and bows and arrows for this, letting you reclaim arrows from enemies after killing them.

Much like Breath Of The Wild, almost every weapon has durability and can break with extended use, dependent on the materials used to construct it.

  • Grass is always weakest crafting material
  • Bone is strong but brittle
  • Leather has good durability

Metal items generally pierce hides most effectively, though these can only be crafted over fires via clay kilns. To craft a clay kiln, you'll need Clay 3x Clay, 1x Stick, 2x Thick Grass.

There’s also a series of ancient weapons that are obtained between chapters.

In this guide, we’ll outline what materials are required for each weapon and any bonuses or useful information to keep in mind. We also include a list or armor at the end, as well as the crafting materials needed to make each piece of armor. 

Windbound Weapons

A light-haired woman holds a spear toward a purple Dimetrodon like creature.


  • Bone Tipped Spear
    • 1x Stick Spear, 1x Bone, 1x Leather.
  • Metal Spear (Clay Kiln Weapon)
    • Hammer, 1x Crude Metal, 1x Leather, 1x Stick Spear.
  • Stick Spear
    • 1x Stick.
  • Spear of the Ancestors
    • Available as an offering at The Crossing; cannot be crafted.
    • Never breaks.

Bows and Arrows

  • Basic Arrows
    • 1x Stick.
    • Provides 4 Arrows.
  • Bastion Bow 
    • 1x Sentinel’s Gem, 1x Grass Rope, 1x Stick.
    • Creates a Bubble of Safety.
  • Bone Arrows
    • 1x Bleenk Frond, 4x Basic Arrows, 1x Bone.
    • Provides 4 Arrows.
  • Hunters bow
    • 1x Wood, 2x Silk Thread.
  • Metal Tipped Arrows (Clay Kiln Item)
    • 1x Crude Metal, 1x Bleenk Frond, 4x Basic Arrows.
  • Plainstalker Bow 
    • 1x Leather, 2x Plainstalker Horns, 1x Silk Thread.
    • Long ranged, makes hitting distant targets easier.
  • Stick Bow
    • 1x Stick, 1x Silk Thread.
  • Tempest Bow
    • 1x Storm’s Eye Gem, 1x Grass Rope, 1x Stick.
    • Charge arrows with deadly lightning.
  • Torment Bow 
    • 1x Leviathan’s Heart Gem, 1x Grass Rope, 1x Stick.
    • Creates area of effect damage. Arrows fired from it do reduced damage.


  • Grass Sling
    • 1x Grass Rope, 1x Thick Grass.
  • Leather Sling
    • 1x Grass Sling, 1x Leather.
  • Metal Shards (Clay Kiln Item)
    • Hammer, 1x Crude Metal.
  • Oil Bomb
    • 3x Clay Pots, 1x Oil.
    • Powerful explosive for your sling.
  • Poison Bomb
    • 3x Clay Pots, 1x Poison Gland.
  • Sling of the Ancestors
    • Available as an offering for Sea Shards at The Crossing, cannot be crafted.
    • Never breaks.

Windbound Armor

  • Cat’s Luck Helm 
    • 2x Plainstalker Horns, 1x Silk Thread, 1x Leather.
    • Reduces fall damage.
  • Metal Helm (Clay Kiln Armor)
    • 3x Crude metal, 2x Silk Thread, 1x Leather.
  • Metal Armor (Clay Kiln Armor)
    • Hammer, 3x Leather, 5x Crude Metal, 4x Silk Thread.
    • Greatly reduces damage but increases stamina drain.
  • Shrouded Hood 
    • 2x Silk Thread, 2x Bleenk Frond, 1x Gloomharrow Skin.
    • Gives you a stealth advantage when hunting enemies, making you less visible to them.

That's all you need to know about weapons in Windbound. Stay tuned for more coverage of this new title at GameSkinny.


Published Aug. 28th 2020

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