What Do You Want to Read About New York Comic Con 2016?

New York Comic Con is around the corner and I am here to make sure we cover what you want to see!

September is almost over, and that only means one thing...

New York Comic Con is around the corner!

NYCC is the epicenter of everything movies, television shows, comics, and of course, video games. From October 6 through October 9, New York City will be taken over by cosplayers, comic book lovers, movie lovers and gamers.

While there will be a lot of news coming out about every type of media, but we here at GameSkinny will be focusing on the GAMES! 

I am here to ask you, the readers, what do you want to see from NYCC?

Do you want interviews? Gameplay? All of the above?

I want to make sure that GameSkinny gives you the best coverage of all video games from New York Comic Con. Leave a comment about what you would like to see. I will be posting more about NYCC and the events that are taking place there leading up to NYCC. 

If anyone is heading to NYCC, I'll see you there!

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Published Sep. 21st 2016

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