Ten Oculus Rift Games All Oculus Owners Must Play


By: Gunfire Games | 24.99 | Oculus Store

Some have said they don't want VR because they think it's a gimmick; that "real" games won't use VR. Chronos is here to disprove that. The dungeon crawling RPG, aims to be that first Oculus RPG that sets the standard for others. It has a unique mechanic that plays with time. Every time the player dies, they age a year and your skills and abilities also change, making every new attempt at the dungeon different.

The game plays like a fantasy RPG, but the game is actually set in a distant future where an apocalypse has sent humanity back to the days of swords and shields. It plays similarly to a Zelda game in the puzzle solving, but the battle mechanics are something of their own.

Published Jan. 1st 2017

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