I Love Pop Culture Answers - Levels 121 Through 160

Answers to levels 121 to 160 in I Love Pop Culture.

We're closing in on the end of I Love Pop Culture answers! As we push forward, the difficulty remains the same: all over the place.

The answers below are in the order they are presented in-game. Here they are split into fives to make it easier to browse through the answers, because there are no level indicators in-game.

In the Hint 1 and 2 columns of each table are descriptions of the images shown, with the Answer column providing what you came here for.

If you are looking for answers to the game's other levels, wander to the links below. Answers to further levels will be coming soon!

Levels 121 to 125

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 121 Hamburger bun Street signs Sesame Street
Level 122 Womens' room sign First place Ladies First
Level 123 Eye looking through a keyhole Drum Peeping Tom
Level 124 Arcade machine Fireplace Arcade Fire
Level 125 Man kicking Donkey Kick Ass


Levels 126 to 130

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 126 Ruby Necklace Calendar with red check Ruby Tuesday
Level 127 King playing cards Peach Kings Speech
Level 128 Sink Rich man Filthy Rich
Level 129 Yellow and white circle Heart monitor Half Life
Level 130 Nothing (the color white) Collar White Collar


Levels 131 to 135

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 131 Army general Engines General Motors
Level 132 Aztec Temple Running legs Temple Run
Level 133 Open mouth Watering can Mouth Watering
Level 134 The word 'bad' with red 'no' sign Hand with wedding ring Good Wife
Level 135 Parrot White shirt with pocket Polly Pocket



Levels 136 to 140

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 136 Closing a drawer Phone Close Call
Level 137 Cat Russian dolls Pussycat Dolls
Level 138 Garbage Steak dinner Junk Food
Level 139 Smiling and frowning masks Kneading dough Play Doh
Level 140 #1 pin Cowboys Best Western


Levels 141 to 145

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 141 Ant under magnifying glass Angel wings Tiny Wings
Level 142 Badgers underground Soccer goal Set Goals
Level 143 Hairy man Pottery Harry Potter
Level 144 British phonebooth Woman on phone London Calling
Level 145 South Pole Park South Park


Levels 146 to 150

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 146 False with 'X' over it True with 'X' over it True Lies
Level 147 'Ha ha ha' Farm Funny Farm
Level 148 Satellite Pogo stick Space Hopper
Level 149 Matchbox Two $10 bills Matchbox Twenty
Level 150 Loose screw Cannon Loose Cannon


Levels 151 to 155

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 151  Gold man Saxophone  Goldman Sachs 
Level 152 Power plug  Square route of 16  Connect Four 
Level 153  Speedometer Forward mail  Fast forward 
Level 154 Sale price tag  Hat trick  Cheap Trick 
Level 155 Stack of pennies  Two monkeys  Twelve Monkeys 


Levels 156 to 160

LevelHint 1Hint 2Answer
Level 156 Chili spice bottle Three girls Spice Girls
Level 157 Small car Woman in skirt Mini Skirt
Level 158 Cupid Outhouse Love Stinks
Level 159 A play Prom queen Drama Queen
Level 160 Vampire teeth Weekends Vampire Weekend
Published Mar. 17th 2014

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